Eurosphere agenda: “New EU sanctions against Russia… “Scottish Referendum…

New EU sanctions against Russia come into effect The European Union put into effect on Friday (12 September) a new round of sanctions against Russia over its role in Ukraine, including restrictions on financing for some Russian state-owned companies and asset freezes on leading Russian politicians.   What impact could this round of Russian retaliatory sanctions have … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: “France breaking own rules on Roma camps…”English reinforces its status as Europe?s ?lingua franca?…

France breaking own rules on Roma camps: ombudsman France’s official defender of citizens’ rights on Friday accused the government of flouting its own rules related to the expulsion of Roma migrants Eurostat: English reinforces its status as Europe?s ?lingua franca?   Ninety four percent of upper secondary students learn English as a foreign language, according to new … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: German elections TV duel…

When Reality TV Meets Humanitarian Action in Italy RAI 1, the flagship television channel of the national public service broadcaster and the most watched channel in Italy, is developing a humanitarian aid show in reality form. The first episode is planned to be broadcast next 4 December 2013. German elections TV duel produces no winner   … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Hizbollah military wing on EU terror list now…

Hizbollah military wing on EU terror list EU foreign ministers take unanimous decision at Brussels meeting to blacklist Lebanese Shia group following a two-month campaign led by the UK EU weighs sanctions against military wing of Hezbollah European Union governments could decide to blacklist the military wing of Hezbollah on Monday (22 July), in a … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: “The sanctions on excessively high budget deficits are to be suspended…

MAIN FOCUS: EU wants to give deficit sinners more time | 30/05/2013 The EU Commission wants to give six euro countries more time to reduce their debts, allowing them to introduce growth-stimulating reforms. The sanctions on excessively high budget deficits are to be suspended, Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn announced on Wednesday. Some commentators welcome … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Italy?s centre-left fails in presidential vote…Penguin agrees ebook pricing deal with EU

Italy?s centre-left fails in presidential vote from – World, Europe Berlusconi supporters celebrate ?death? of rival party after more than 100 Democrat MPs vote against Romano Prodi, dashing hopes of an end to political deadlock   Italian centre-left leader ‘to quit’ from BBC News | Europe | World Edition Italy’s centre-left leader, Pier Luigi … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: The Cyprus bailout

Greek Cyprus parliament vote on bailout postponed to Tuesday from Hurriyet Daily News Greek Cyprus parliament speaker Yiannakis Omirou said a vote by lawmaker Morning Brief: Cyprus bailout sparks new round of economic turmoil in Europe from FP Passport by Elias Groll Russia attacks Cyprus bailout plan from – World, Europe Financial markets are … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: EU saves Greece again-for the moment; France introduces visa restrictions for foreign university graduates…

France: New Visa Restrictions for Foreign University Graduates from Global Voices Online by Julie Owono If the United States’ immigration law had ever been similar to the one France recently decided to apply, Yahoo would have been a Chinese company (founded by Jerry Yang from Taiwan), Google would now be a successful Russian business (set … Read more

Open Democracy: Is the EU too big to be democratic?

Is the EU too big to be democratic?, Peter Baldwin

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Peter Baldwin

Back in the days ? let?s say 1932 just to pick a moment ? when European politics were really polarized, the spectrum ran from Moscow-faithful communists at one extreme all the way to monarchists and fascists. During the same time, the US political spectrum spanned all the way from Republicans to Democrats, which is to say from what Europeans would call center right liberals to center left liberals. Neither extreme questioned the premises of democracy, neither sought the embrace of the state in a socialist fashion, or even ? on the far left of American politics ? in more than a very moderate quasi-social democratic manner. The answer to Sombart?s classic query, why is there no socialism in America, also served largely as the answer to its necessary pendant: why is there no fascism in America? American politics in the twentieth century was a model of consensus compared to the ideological extremes found across the Atlantic.

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A European Commission report on equality between women and men 2010

Report on equality between women and men 2010
Source: European Commission Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

From Main Developments:
Combating persisting gender inequalities in all spheres of society is a longer-term challenge, since it entails structural and behavioural changes and a redefinition of the roles of women and men. Progress is slow, and gender gaps persist as regards employment rates, pay, working hours, positions of responsibility, share of care and household duties, and risk of poverty.


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EP reports on Turkey, nothing more than self-satisfaction for EP MEPs…

YAVUZ BAYDAR – One minute, European Parliament!

from Today’s Zaman by YAVUZ BAYDAR

What do a Turkish and a Greek Cypriot journalist do when meeting over dinner in Marrakech? Without a doubt, risking torment over the subject, they talk about the fate of the settlement talks between the two leaders of the divided island.

Envoys to warn Turkey: Update Constitution or forget EU

Turkey disappointed with EU report on accession progress (People’s Daily)

from Yahoo news
Turkey on Thursday said it was disappointed with a European Union (EU) report on the country’s progress in 2009 in its accession bid to the 27-nation bloc but reiterated commitments to EU membership. The European Parliament (EP) adopted the report on Wednesday, which urged Turkey to start prompt withdrawal of troops from Cyprus, a Mediterranean island divided into the Turkish north and Greek …

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Finally an official EU center in Istanbul, Fitch increases Turkey's ratings, Dutch MPs cancel trip

The new EU Center in Beşiktaş. DHA photo
The new EU Center in Beşiktaş. DHA photo.
The EU Center will be jointly facilitated by the Turkish Ministry of State?s EU General Secretariat and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality?s EU Affairs Department. VIA


Istanbul Metro Station, Taksim: Turkish Conquest of Constantinople. Photo by Jenny White

(click here for the full NY Times article). FOUND IN: Ottomania: The Empire Strikes Back
Dutch MPs cancel trip to Turkey | Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Disappointment in Turkey over cancelled trip

Turkish MPs are disappointed the Dutch parliament has cancelled a fact-finding mission about the country’s wishes to join the European Union, the NRC reports on Thursday.

Wilders and Turkey?s anti-democratization camp


Foresight analysis measures the potential impacts of foreign and domestic policy actions. For the purpose of writing this column I have chosen a number of Dutch and Turkish actors as part of a simulation exercise, and without meaning it to be derogatory in any way, have put them into a grid system of four adjacent boxes.

BB+ for Turkey

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

* Thanks to economic growth and tight fiscal policy, since the 2001 financial crisis, public sector debt has come down to manageable levels..
* Reforms and restructuring have strengthened the banking sector.
* Economic growth rests on more solid foundations, driven by a dynamic private sector, productivity gains, and higher value-added production.
* The prospect of economic convergence with the European Union, demographic dynamism, and the country’s pivotal regional position tend to enhance the Turkish market’s attractiveness.
* With its extensive external financing needs, the highest of all emerging countries, Turkey remains very dependent on capital markets.
* The sharp rise of foreign currency debt in the private sector has increased its exposure to exchange rate risk.
* The antagonism between the government and militant Kemalists remains a recurring source of instability.

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