In the mean time, E.U. Commission Proposed Visa-Free Travel for Turks but its realization may still be not easy…

E.U. Proposes Visa-Free Travel for Turks

The plan is a significant step for the bloc as it struggles to come to terms with the migrant crisis and hew to its humanitarian values.
The EU Commission is expected to speak out in favour of lifting visa restrictions for Turks today. Ankara may be given until June to fulfil the remaining criteria for the move. A section of the press sees visa-free travel as the next logical step in the cooperation between the EU and Turkey on the refugee crisis. Others see it as a major problem.
The European Commission today (4 May) proposed that Turkish nationals would enjoy visa-free travel to the EU’s Schengen zone by the end of June, praising Ankara for its fast delivery on meeting the necessary conditions. But Commission experts admit that national parliaments could upturn the deal.
European commission faces challenge to grant visa-free travel to Turks

EU executive gives provisional blessing to key scheme in deal with Ankara, as asylum rules overhaul also hits trouble

E.U. May Grant Turkey Visa-Free Travel

The European Commission said on Wednesday that member states will vote on a proposal to allow visa-free travel within Europe for citizens of Turkey if that country meets some requirements.

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