Leaked documents show Europe submits to Erdoğan’s blackmailing on #RefugeeCrisis

Raziye Akkoc Twitter da    F    that leaked document   is what Merkel is thinking https   t.co OjaYINUUvg

Leak reveals tense moments during Erdoğan-Juncker meeting

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Leak reveals tense moments during Erdoğan-Juncker meeting … present at the meeting, showed Juncker an internal documentbelonging to the EC … In return for keeping the refugees, the EU promised Turkey 3 billion euros, .



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Merkel visits Turkey as fleeing Syrians wait at border

German chancellor to meet Turkish leaders as tens of thousands of Syrian refugees remain stranded at border with Turkey.
Berlin and Ankara vow to bring NATO on board in dealing with the continued flow of refugees through Turkey to the European Union

Turkey is doing the dirty work of Europe’s immigration control

The EU mini-summit held in Brussels on the November 29 agreed a deal to keep more refugees in Turkey and out of the EU. What does this mean for those already in Turkey, now excluded from the EU’s protection?

Migration Management Removal Centre in Kumkapı, Istanbul. Photo supplied by author.The summit in November was organised, at Turkey’s insistence, to encourage closer cooperation between the EU and Turkey, to control migration westwards and to ‘re-energise’ the process towards Turkey’s accession to the EU.

Syrian army troops recaptured a new village north of Aleppo on Feb. 8, bringing troops and allied militiamen to within a few kilometers of the Turkish border, while around 30,000 Syrians have massed at the Turkish-Syrian border due to a major Russian-backed offensive in the area, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said

Tens of thousands of Syrians remain stranded at the border with Turkey today (8 February) after escaping a Russia-backed government attack on Aleppo, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel prepared to visit Ankara.


Refugee crisis: 35 die off Turkish coast

Officials say 24 people died when boat capsized near Lesbos, with another 11 reportedly drowning in separate incident


A deputy head of Turkey’s ruling party has filed an application with the Norwegian Nobel Committee to nominate Kilis for the Nobel Peace Prize given that it is now hosting as many Syrians as its total population
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foreignpolicy.com – Elias Groll – May 29, 2014, 5:16 PM

It wasn’t long ago that Turkish foreign policy was the talk of the town. Defined by the catchy phrase of “zero problems with the neighbors,” Turkey aimed to both improve relations with its neighborhood and slowly emerge as the…

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has said Russia will “face the consequences” if it continues to violate Turkey’s airspace, two days after Ankara declared that Russia had again violated its airspace despite multiple warnings

Mavi Boncuk |

France’s Constitutional Council: An Event Cannot Be Considered A Genocide Unless It Is Established As Such By A Competent Court

On January 8, 2016, the French Constitutional Council, France’s highest Court (equivalent to the U.S. Supreme Court), pronounced a landmark decision in a trial wherein an NGO founded by the Turkish community in France called “Association Pour La Neutralité de L’Enseignement de l’histoire Turque Dans Les Programmes Scolaires” (ANEHTPS) –Association For The Impartial Teaching Of Turkish History– was involved as a third party claimant. In this decision, the Constitutional Council validated the Gayssot Act which criminalizes the denial of Holocaust.

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