Davutoğlu, who has been mistaken so many times and who seems to have lost control over regional politics, accuses Syrian Kurds for the Ankara bombing…

Syrian national of YPG-links behind Ankara blast, says Turkish PM Hurriyet Daily News Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has announced that a Syrian national with links to the People’s Protection Units (YPG) was identified as the perpetrator of the attack in Ankara   Attack on Military Vehicle in Diyarbakır  Bianet :: English Bomb attack has been carried … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Key challenges to freedom of expression online identified by EDRI

EDRi identifies key challenges to freedom of expression online Yeni Medya On 13 November 2014, EDRi met with the European External Action Service (EEAS) for a civil society consultation on the EU Human Rights Guidelines on Freedom of Expression Online and Offline. The EEAS aims at improving the Guidelines in the future and was seeking input … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Mobile Phone may Detect Earthquakes…

Your Mobile Phone can Detect Earthquakes Digital Inspiration Technology Blog by Amit Agarwal Was it just you or did the ground really shake? Your iPhone, iPad and most newer mobile phones can work as basic seismometers, the same instrument that is used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes and volcanoes. You don’t need to install any apps, just … Read more

When Tsipras in Public, one remembers Erdoğan in Public….

Tsipras was in public today, talking to ordinary citizens…     Erdoğan gets angry when he sees citizens walking and smoking. He wants standing in silence (!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2A-BEwM5n8 Turkish officials mark WWI Gallipoli victory Turkish officials have marked the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli Victory, the battle that marked a turnaround against the Allied Forces in favor … Read more

Cyberculture agenda:

Sony About to Get Sued For Pirating Music in The Interview  TorrentFreak The way things are panning out, the Sony movie The Interview is on course to become one of the most controversial movies of all time. The comedy, which depicts the violent death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, made headlines worldwide when the … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “Algorithmic cruelty”…”Web Encryption Gets Stronger in 2014….

Algorithmic cruelty  Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow With its special end-of-year message, Facebook wants to show you, over and over, what your year “looked like”; in Eric Meyer’s case, the photo was of his daughter, who died this year: “For those of us who lived through the death of loved ones, or spent extended time in … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Strange Sony Hack claims… Another Euro fine on a tech company: Tripadvisor fined by Italy regulator

Tripadvisor fined by Italy regulator  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Italy’s competition watchdog fines travel website Tripadvisor €500,000 (£392,000) for publishing misleading information in its reviews. How information volunteers solve communicative issues during a disaster media/anthropology by John Postill Volunteers play with children at a disaster refugee centre near Yogyakarta, in Indonesia. Photo by Eko … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: New Twitter’s transparency reports…”Data mining tops LinkedIn’s list of the ‘hottest skills of 2014’

Twitter’s transparency reports are now available in 10 languages The Next Web by Natt Garun Since launching its first transparency report in 2012, it has been Twitter’s aim to ensure users from around the globe can access this information in a clear and straightforward way. Cowardly U.S. theaters refuse to show ‘The Interview’ after free speech threats  Boing Boing … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Peter Sunde says The Pirate Bay Should Stay Down…North Korea and the Sony hack…

President Obama writes his first line of Javascript  Mashable! by Stan Schroeder The U.S. now has a “coder-in-chief:” President Barack Obama has written his first line of code Peter Sunde: The Pirate Bay Should Stay Down TorrentFreak A few weeks ago Peter Sunde was released from prison where he’d been serving a sentence for his involvement in … Read more

Erdoğan defends police brutality and claims Turkey avoided being Ukraine, Egypt…

  Turkey, Egypt in fresh quarrel after Erdoğan’s remarks The foreign ministries of Turkey and Egypt have traded a fresh round of accusatory statements, with the latter condemning Erdoğan’s latest remarks and his ‘flagrant intervention’ in Egypt’s internal affairs Turkey avoided being Ukraine, Egypt: Erdoğan Turkish police has behaved softly to demonstrators when compared to the U.S. … Read more

Cyerculture roundup: Yahoo now acquires Rockmelt… Snowden gets a temporary asylum…

Russia faces US fury over Snowden asylum Russia faces fury from the United States after granting asylum to fugitive intelligence leaker Edward Snowden   MAIN FOCUS: Bradley Manning sent to prison | 01/08/2013 A US military court on Tuesday found Wikileaks informer Bradley Manning guilty on almost all charges, including leaking classified information. However he … Read more

A video: North Korea’s Military parade in Slow Motion

The Hermit Kingdom allowed international media to watch its largest ever military parade – part of the campaign to establish Kim Jong-il’s youngest son as the leader-in-waiting. By guardian.co.uk staff Dan Chung and Tania Branigan.

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