Eurosphere agenda: “EU tackles Google.. “400 immigrants drown off of Libya…”France opens Rwanda genocide archive….

EU tackles Google over search ‘abuse’  BBC News | Europe | World Edition The European Union’s competition commissioner has announced details of its case against Google over its search engine. 400 immigrants drown off of Libya, say survivors Up to 400 illegal migrants died after their vessel capsized off the Libyan coast on Sunday (12 April), … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Grexit debate…

Grexit divides politicians in Athens Eurozone membership is “irrevocable”, the European Commission said today (5 December), after media reports about Greece leaving the single currency that triggered strong reactions in Athens. EurActiv Greece reports.   MAIN FOCUS: EU Commission joins Grexit debate | 06/01/2015 euro|topics The EU Commission stressed on Monday that according to the EU treaties a … Read more

Erdoğan defends police brutality and claims Turkey avoided being Ukraine, Egypt…

  Turkey, Egypt in fresh quarrel after Erdoğan’s remarks The foreign ministries of Turkey and Egypt have traded a fresh round of accusatory statements, with the latter condemning Erdoğan’s latest remarks and his ‘flagrant intervention’ in Egypt’s internal affairs Turkey avoided being Ukraine, Egypt: Erdoğan Turkish police has behaved softly to demonstrators when compared to the U.S. … Read more

A social fabric roundup: “One-third of Turks are poor or needy: Ministry?s report

One-third of Turks are poor or needy: Ministry?s report Nearly one-third of Turkish people, 23.6 million, are poor or needy *********** Behind the facade of Turkey?s recent economic growth Numbers do not lie, but they do deceive. Turkey?s GDP has more than doubled in the last decade, the International Monetary Fund expects the Turkish economy … Read more