Anthropology roundup: “Introducing the Public Anthropology Institute…

Introducing the Public Anthropology Institute Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology This entry is part 9 of 9 in the Decolonizing Anthropology series. By: Faye V. Harrison, Carole McGranahan, Matilda Ostow, Melissa Rosario, Paul Stoller, Gina Athena Ulysse and Maria Vesperi The massacre in Orlando was just two days before we sat together around a … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “Selfie Diplomacy”..” a report on the first Decentralized Web Summit…

Selfie Diplomacy- Analysis of MFA Profile Pictures on Twitter Exploring Digital Diplomacy by Ilan Manor Last week, as news of Brexit broke, foreign ministries throughout the world took to social media to comment on the UK’s decision to leave the EU. The German foreign ministry responded in two ways. First, it published a series of tweets … Read more

KickassTorrents at the Dark Web: lsuzvpko6w6hzpnn.onion

KickassTorrents Enters The Dark Web, Adds Official Tor Address  TorrentFreak With millions of visitors per day KickassTorrents (KAT) is currently the mostvisited torrent site on the Internet. Uber vs. Europe continues: Two executives convicted in France  Mashable! A French court has convicted and fined Uber and two of its executives for deceptive commercial practices and illegal business … Read more

Journalism agenda: “storytelling ‘is still everything’, despite new journalism tools…”People will read your long stories on their phones…

Why storytelling ‘is still everything’, despite new journalism tools Journalist and producer Scott Rensberger reinforces the power of the story as reporters begin to experiment with mobile journalism tools and techniques Planning for news, misidentification and verification as a process Hi everyone, So this week we held the second in our series of free training … Read more

A nice piece: “The Paris attackers hit the city’s young, progressive core…#ParisAttacks

The Paris attackers hit the city’s young, progressive core – Manu Saadia – Nov 13, 6:11 PM Tonight, the golden triangle of Parisian youth culture is covered in blood. We do not yet know the full extent of the terrorist attacks in Paris that started Friday night, or even how many attacks there were. … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “Towards Digital Constitutionalism?… “Head of Facebook in Europe to be investigated in Germany for allowing racist posts

Head of Facebook in Europe to be investigated in Germany for allowing racist posts The Next Web by Ben Woods Facebook’s relationship with the content its users post and the balancing act it needs to pull off to allow free speech (but remove hate speech) is a tricky one. Today, it’s in hot water with German … Read more

Journalism agenda: “CNN and the NYT Are Deliberately Obscuring Who Perpetrated the Afghan Hospital Attack…

CNN and the NYT Are Deliberately Obscuring Who Perpetrated the Afghan Hospital Attack The Intercept by Glenn Greenwald Much of the world spent the last 48 hours expressing revulsion at the U.S. airstrike on a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. It was quite clear early on that the perpetrator of the attack was the U.S., and many … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Key challenges to freedom of expression online identified by EDRI

EDRi identifies key challenges to freedom of expression online Yeni Medya On 13 November 2014, EDRi met with the European External Action Service (EEAS) for a civil society consultation on the EU Human Rights Guidelines on Freedom of Expression Online and Offline. The EEAS aims at improving the Guidelines in the future and was seeking input … Read more

Journalism agenda: “Majority of Journalists Wouldn’t Be Able to Function Without Social Media”

Report Finds Majority of Journalists Wouldn’t Be Able to Function Without Social Media  Social Media Today by Andrew Hutchinson Study: Journalists Increasingly Rely on Social for News  Social Media Today by Carianne King A recent survey by Oglivy PR revealed social media’s role in the increasingly dynamic landscape of modern media communications. Co-operatives: redefining local journalism?  open Democracy News Analysis – by Alon … Read more

For the record, Turkish Airlines (THY) General Manager Kotil believes Pilots should marry to to avoid Germanwings-like crashes’… A social fabric roundup…

Turkish Airlines Urges Pilots to Marry to Prevent Accidents  Bianet :: English Turkish Airlines (THY) General Manager Kotil, recalling allegations that the Germanwings co-pilot crashed the plane on purpose killing 150 people, said they would encourage their pilots to marry. Pilots ‘should marry to avoid Germanwings-like crashes’ Turkish Airlines CEO Temel Kotil has come up with an … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Ross Ulbricht found guilty on all counts in Silk Road trial verdict…

Silk Road trial verdict: Ross Ulbricht found guilty on all counts Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin Ulbricht faces a possible maximum sentence of life in prison. Read the rest Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht found guilty for all 7 conspiracy charges  The Next Web by Napier Lopez Today, Ross Ulbricht, known by his online alias “Dread Pirate Roberts,”was … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: reddit’s first transparency report….

  Meet Vivaldi, a new browser from the former CEO of Opera  The Next Web by Owen Williams Hot on the heels of Microsoft announcing its newest browser, Project Spartan, we’ve got another brand new contender in the browser wars: Vivaldi. Twitter Can Predict Heart Disease, Says Study  All Facebook by Shea Bennett A new study has … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Strange Sony Hack claims… Another Euro fine on a tech company: Tripadvisor fined by Italy regulator

Tripadvisor fined by Italy regulator  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Italy’s competition watchdog fines travel website Tripadvisor €500,000 (£392,000) for publishing misleading information in its reviews. How information volunteers solve communicative issues during a disaster media/anthropology by John Postill Volunteers play with children at a disaster refugee centre near Yogyakarta, in Indonesia. Photo by Eko … Read more

Journalism roundup: “Social Journalism on the Rise

Social Journalism on the Rise The way we get our news and how news is reported has changed drastically in the past decade, and with social media comes a rise of social journalism that is once again evolving the current state and future impact of journalism. What does it mean to run “product” in a news organization? … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Detekt- A New Malware Detection Tool… “…wild world of Twitter bots

Detekt: A New Malware Detection Tool That Can Expose Illegitimate State Surveillance Updates by Eva Galperin Recent years have seen a boom in the adoption of surveillance technology by governments around the world, including spyware that provides its purchasers the unchecked ability to target remote Internet users’ computers, to read their personal emails, listen in … Read more