Cyberculture agenda: Strange Sony Hack claims… Another Euro fine on a tech company: Tripadvisor fined by Italy regulator

Tripadvisor fined by Italy regulator  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Italy’s competition watchdog fines travel website Tripadvisor €500,000 (£392,000) for publishing misleading information in its reviews. How information volunteers solve communicative issues during a disaster media/anthropology by John Postill Volunteers play with children at a disaster refugee centre near Yogyakarta, in Indonesia. Photo by Eko … Read more

Contemporary Istanbul 2014 starts… The Istanbul Marathon tomorrow… İstanbul news roundup

Satellites capture Istanbul’s ‘gray’ transformation over past decade  Hurriyet Daily News A comparison of 20 satellite photos hosted by Google Earth reveals how Istanbul has changed with more concrete and less green spaces in the past decade Istanbul once again the capital of arts One of the world’s leading international art fairs, ‘Contemporary Istanbul,’ starts today. … Read more

Cengiz Aktar: El yordamıyla iltica politikası

                                                 El yordamıyla iltica politikası Mülteci konusu sayıları 90.000?e dayanan Suriyelilerle yeniden gündemde. Hükümet başından itibaren sorunu siyasî varsayımlar ve yerli yöntemlerle idare etti. Muhtemelen içsavaşın uzun sürmeyeceği varsayımından hareketle ?misafirlerin? uzun … Read more

Turkish foreign policy agenda: Unrest at the Syrian border, not too public talks with Israel…

via Turkey and Israel holding secret direct talks to mend diplomatic rift by ISTANBUL – Daily News with wires Turkish and Israeli officials have been discussing ways to solve the diplomatic crisis between the two countries with American support, according to a senior official in Jerusalem. Turkey, Israel in new bid to overcome crisis: report … Read more

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