Cyberculture agenda: “Signs Point to Unencrypted Communications Between Terror Suspects…

Signs Point to Unencrypted Communications Between Terror Suspects The Intercept by Dan Froomkin In the wake of the Paris attack, intelligence officials and sympathizers upset by the Edward Snowden leaks and the spread of encrypted communications havetried to blame Snowden for the terrorists’ ability to keep their plans secret from law enforcement. Yet news emerging from … Read more

The 2nd day of 15K Metal Workers… #MetalİscisiGrevde #MetaldeGrevVar

Turkish metal workers begin strike for better wages A group of metal workers began a strike on Jan. 29 around Turkey to protest poor wages in the sector and demand a better collective bargaining agreement with employers in the industry. Another group of metal workers are also planning to go on strike Feb. 19, increasing the … Read more

Cyberculture agenda:

Sony About to Get Sued For Pirating Music in The Interview  TorrentFreak The way things are panning out, the Sony movie The Interview is on course to become one of the most controversial movies of all time. The comedy, which depicts the violent death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, made headlines worldwide when the … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Massive raid to Dark Web…

Why the World Needs Anonymous MIT Technology Review Anonymity may encourage antisocial behavior, such as trolling, but we can also identify a noble political imperative behind the mask. FBI Seizes Silk Road 2  Boing Boing by Ivan Hernandez   Global Internet Gumshoes Say They Broke the Super-Privacy Tool Tor  FP Passport by Elias Groll  / Huge raid shuts 400 ‘dark … Read more

Drama in Armutlu/Istanbul continues. Authorities prevent the funeral procession of #HasanFeritGedik

Hasan’s mother demands authorities to allow to perform funeral ceremony… Slain protester?s body not permitted at murder scene for fear of fresh tensions The body of a 21-year-old victim who was shot to death Sept 30 when drug dealers opened fire on leftists protesting their activity has still not been buried   Tons of police, … Read more

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