Erdoğan defends police brutality and claims Turkey avoided being Ukraine, Egypt…

Brezilyalı karikatürist Carlos Latuff: Erdoğan benim ilham perim
Brazilian cartoonist Latuff- Erdoğan’s continous ennui (!)


The foreign ministries of Turkey and Egypt have traded a fresh round of accusatory statements, with the latter condemning Erdoğan’s latest remarks and his ‘flagrant intervention’ in Egypt’s internal affairs
Turkish police has behaved softly to demonstrators when compared to the U.S. colleagues’ President Erdoğan says
Al Jazeera (Qatar) December 2, 2014 Dimitar Bechev * Hard-nosed pragmatism continues to govern relations between Russia and Turkey. Judging by the scenes of protesting Crimean Tatars in Ankara and Istanbul, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit did not elicit warm feelings among many Turks. Yet, he is always a welcome guest for the Turkish state. […]
The government is set to complete a detailed reform package to increase economic transparency in Turkey, Deputy PM Ali Babacan has told a group of economy reporters ahead of his visit to the US – Transparency International e.V. – The 2014 corruption perceptions index measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption in 175 countries and territories How does your country rank in terms of public sector corruption? Find out in our 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index
The European Court of Human Rights held that Turkey was to pay Emel Boyraz 10,000 euros because of her dismissal from public sector employment, a state-run electricity company, on the grounds of gender
A statement from the United States Embassy in Ankara did not name the supposed planners, but did say the offices of a Western-backed Syrian opposition group might be the target
Abd al-Baset Azzouz, the leader of al-Qaeda in Libya, was reportedly detained last month in western Turkey after he entered with a fake passport. Azzouz has been renditioned to the US on suspicion of involvement in the murder of US Ambassador Chris Stevens in 2012

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