PM Erdoğan himself says 232 dead as of 14:30 in #Soma Mining Explosion #KazaDegilCinayet


Why Soma Happened and Why This Won?t Be the Last


  • Turkish state didn?t signed ?Safety and Health in Mines Convention?, they have to sign it 19 years ago. (Source ? TR)
  • Prime Minister has the right to give license to mining companies. (Source ? TR)
  • In Turkey, work safety is just a thing that reduces companies profit. If you care about work safety and want to force companies about that, you?re the enemy of Turkey?s economy.
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This is the huge Istanbul tower of the company that owns the death mine in #Soma #Turkey via @ufukziyabey


World leaders have started offering their condolences to victims of the mining explosion in Soma.

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@aufildubosphore: A #Istanbul #Levent des manifestants près du siège de la compagnie minière #Soma protégé par la police.
RT @aufildubosphore: A #Istanbul #Levent des manifestants près du siège de la compagnie minière #Soma protégé par la police.


Rescuers Seek Survivors in Turkish Mine Disaster

Security camera footage has been revealed, showing workers trying to evacuate a coal mine in the western province of Manisa?s Soma district right after a fire broke out.
The main opposition CHP submitted a motion to Parliament last year to investigate work-related accidents at coal mines in Soma, only for the proposal to be rejected with votes from the AKP
Here is a list of the 10 worst coal mine disasters around the world.
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