Killing #Soma miners again: “Theology professor says Soma mining accident was a better way to die…

A theology professor has made controversial remarks over the victims who died in the country’s worst ever mine disaster in the Soma district in the Aegean province of Manisa, saying their deaths while trying to make an honest living were better than dying while drug trafficking or in a mafia revenge murder
Erdoğan’s advisor Yusuf Yerkel beating a dead miner’s relative in Soma last year…

More from the Turkey social fabric:

The world-renowned composition Carmina Burana, planned to be staged in Turkey’s western province of İzmir, was canceled due to “technical reasons,” after prominent Turkish pianist and composer Fazıl Say said the piece contained sections about “sex and wine.”
Turkey not a haven for trans citizens
An Islamist newspaper in Turkey has confused The Beatles with Turkish high school students after misunderstanding a poster calling for people to take to the streets on May Day

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