EFD Rights Watch: Majority of educated women victim of violence in Turkey…Hrant Dink murder case deepens…

Majority of educated women victim of violence in Turkey, survey reveals A large majority of Turkish women who work in white-collar jobs and have a university degrees say they have been exposed to violence at least once in their life Hrant Dink murder case deepens with new testimonies The list of suspects in the murder case of … Read more

Erdoğan’s 24 April statement is surprising but not more than another act of oriental cunning

Erdoğan seems to have taken a softer stand on the Armenian Genocide issue. As Turkey’s impact on Washington seems to be at a low point, another aggressive statement by Erdoğan would lead to a permanent loss. After all domestic policies he leads, he is definitely not sincere but just a sinister tactician. What surprises audiences is that … Read more

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