Clarification on Der Spiegel’s headline: “You go to Hell, Erdoğan

As the author Hasnain Kazim of Spiegel explained: “FIRST the article was published quoting the worker with that headline. THEN some people started the hashtag #ScherDichZumTeufelDerSpiegel on Twitter, against Der Spiegel and against [the author]. AND THEN [Mr. Kazim] wrote this article on this Twitter-campaign:…/soma-tuerkei-erdogan-anhaenger… I apologize for misrepresenting the case.   Here is the Spiegel link. … Read more

latest Şemdinli operation officialy ends, Der Spiegel on the offensive against Gülen Movement…

The Shadowy World of the Islamic Gülen Movement Spiegel Online American historian and Middle East expert Michael Rubin likens the Turkish preacher to Iranian revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini. According to a diplomatic cable obtained byWikiLeaks in 2010, US diplomats consider the Gülen movement to be Der Spiegel?s recent strange attack on the Hizmet Movement from … Read more

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