Clarification on Der Spiegel’s headline: “You go to Hell, Erdoğan

As the author Hasnain Kazim of Spiegel explained: “FIRST the article was published quoting the worker with that headline. THEN some people started the hashtag #ScherDichZumTeufelDerSpiegel on Twitter, against Der Spiegel and against [the author]. AND THEN [Mr. Kazim] wrote this article on this Twitter-campaign:…/soma-tuerkei-erdogan-anhaenger…

I apologize for misrepresenting the case.

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Here is the Spiegel link.

Pro-Erdoğan trolls started a Twitter hashtag (#ScherDichZumTeufelDerSpiegel ) yesterday against the way Spiegel covered Soma Mining Explosion. Der Spiegel replied back with this headline: ScherDichZumTeufelErdoğan

In the mean time, like his advisor, Erdoğan police yesterday kicking another protester here in this video shot in İstanbul.

After a mining accident which has claimed more than 280 victims in Soma in western Turkey, thousands of people gathered in Istanbul and Ankara on Wednesday to demonstrate against the government. They blame the AKP’s privatisation policy for the workers’ deaths. Commentators see it as a sign of democratic immaturity that the government ignored deficits on site, and predict that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will face another trial of strength.


Why does Turkey rank first in labor accidents in Europe, CHP leader asks PM

CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu has said PM Erdoğan must answer why Turkey has the most deaths in coal mine accidents compared to European countries

OPINION: Erdogan’s Reaction to Turkish Mine Blast Absolutely Inhuman – RIA Novosti

OPINION: Erdogan’s Reaction to Turkish Mine Blast Absolutely InhumanRIA Novosti… Lyudmila Chernova ? The protests raging across Turkey were caused not only by the recent Soma mine tragedy, but also by Prime Minister


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