update: 3 reported to be arrested- 25 company officials detained as part of #Soma investigation as the city under lockdown…

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Louis Fishman ?@Istanbultelaviv   From Germany: Girl: my father has perished in the mine RT@mmprlk 1m @Istanbultelaviv @ozcelik_ht that’s from germany pic.twitter.com/usNBnBxyYa
Nineteen people were detained May 18 as part of the investigation into the Soma coal mine accident, the Manisa Governor has said in a statement. Meanwhile, the entrance of the mine has been closed with a brick wall in a move that raised eyebrows
Soma was under complete lockdown as security forces were reinforced by commando troops
An explosion left at least 282 workers in a coal mine in Soma, in the western province of Manisa. While hundreds are reportedly still trapped in the mine, Energy Minister Yıldız said their hopes are dimming

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Turkey arrests 18 over mine disaster

Prosecutors in Turkey have arrested at least 18 people, including company executives, in connection with the mine fire that killed 301 miners
the Pulse of the Middle East ? Author: Pinar Tremblay May 16, 2014 The most emotional photograph from the Soma mine disaster was of a rescued miner covered all in black laid on a stretcher. His rescuer wished him good luck, and the miner said, ?Should I remove my boots
Human Rights Watch ? May 16 ? By Friday morning, the bodies of 284 miners had been recovered from the fire at the Soma mine in western Turkey, with the death toll likely to rise to over 300 in the coming days. Turkey is a world leader in mining fatalities, particularly in the
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Capulcu Tonella ?@diehimbeertonis   “Wait, let’s stay here, might be safer!” #soma #turkey cartoon by Sefer Selvi Evrensel, pic via @Faruk_Ayyildiz: pic.twitter.com/UzdzeksVmx
Amnesty International has released a statement on the Soma mine accident that killed over 250 workers, saying the government was ?playing with people?s lives
Sadece dördü....
Fourteen miners who took shelter inside the only refuge chamber available at the Soma mine used oxygen masks in turns before perishing, response teams have said
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Jim Roberts ?@nycjim   Chilean miners who survived 2 months underground express solidarity with families in #Turkey. http://bit.ly/1hVc63O  pic.twitter.com/dzL1ygLYRR
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