EFD Rights Watch: Police Brutality right in Fatih, Istanbul

via CNNTürk *************** Turkish labor minister passes the buck to energy minister over Soma disaster Labor Minister Faruk Çelik pointed the finger at Energy Minister Taner Yıldız regarding criticisms over the Soma disaster US rejects ?apparent use of unprovoked violence? in Soma videos   Washington has condemned the use of ‘unprovoked violence’ against protests during a … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Modern day internet 30 years old now… EFF’s 2012 reviews…”WCIT and its Relationship to the Internet…

    Marking the birth of the modern-day Internet from The Official Google Blog by A Googler Today is the 30th birthday of the modern-day Internet. Five years ago we marked the occasion with a doodle. This year we invited Vint Cerf to tell the story. Vint is widely regarded as one of the … Read more

Once upon a time, here are some technological expectations in early 1990s…

From The New Media Theory Reader, 39-40 A basic development in the very near future is the merger of computers and telecommunications (Bradley et al., 1993; Scientific American Special Issue, 1991), known variously as the information superhighway (Koelsch, 1995), the infobahn (Mitchell, 1995), Integrated Services Digital Network (Horrocks/Scarr, 1993), the telecomputer (Gilder, 1990), the SuperTube … Read more

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