Foreign journalists targeted so that like #Soma, locking-down of all Turkey cannot be heard

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According to IMC TV’s reporters’ data from the municipalities, 321 already buried. BUT Turkish government’s official death toll is 301 and rescue search is officially completed today…

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EXPLAINED: The Soma mine disaster in five questions

With visuals, here is how Turkey’s deadliest mining disaster unfolded, according to experts

EXPLAINED: The Soma mine disaster in five questions
Journal of Turkish Weekly
Mehmet Utkan, the Soma mine’s underground safety engineer who was off-duty when the accident happened, told Bilgi University’s news website that old, non-fireproofed material was used in the electrical system of the mine. He criticized …
#Soma media finds ‘cracks in the divide’
Turkish union calls strike after mine blast
Turkey holds protest strike after blast kills 282 miners

The operator of the Soma mine, which is the scene of the deadliest mining disaster in Turkey’s history, denies any responsibility by claiming that the scope of the accident was “inconceivable.”
Death toll from Turkey’s worst ever industrial disaster stands at 301 after final search delayed by new fire overnight

Boo me and I’ll slap you, Turkish PM Erdoğan warns protester

Turkey toll 301 as mine rescue ends

Turkey is calling a halt to the Soma mine rescue operation after two more bodies are found, bringing the final death toll to 301.

Turkey: politics of disaster | Editorial

On terrible occasions, leaders must not only be physically present, they must say the right words, and mean them
Disasters can shake governments and sometimes bring them down, if the issues they raise of preparedness, regulation and empathy are not squarely faced and answered in a way people find satisfactory, even in the extremity of their grief. New Orleans and Fukushima were both examples of how not to do it, and it now looks as if the tragedy of Soma in Turkeywill fall into the same category
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