EFD Rights Watch: Police Brutality right in Fatih, Istanbul

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Labor Minister Faruk Çelik pointed the finger at Energy Minister Taner Yıldız regarding criticisms over the Soma disaster

US rejects ?apparent use of unprovoked violence? in Soma videos


Washington has condemned the use of ‘unprovoked violence’ against protests during a visit by officials to soma


Turkey refuses to sign ILO convention regarding safety and health in mines


Questions have been raised over the mine accident in Soma, arguing that the country?s poor workplace safety standards

Turkish state?s policy on mining: High profits at lowest costs


The state cannot escape from its responsibilities by putting the blame simply on the company that runs the mines, says the head of Istanbul branch of the Chamber of Mining Engineers

“Lack of Occupational Safety Hinders EU Process”


bianet interviewed Prof. Dr Aktar who emphasized the importance of the unions in order to ensure occupational safety and remarked that the obstacles in unionization also hinder the EU membership process.



Mineworker Sezai Yıldırım was working in one of Soma Mining Inc.?s other mines; ?Everybody should hear these slavery conditions,? he says, and is enraged at those who say workplace disasters are ?God?s will?.
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