Turkey: A country of moral hypocrisy.

Global Views on Morality   Pew Research Center s Global Attitudes Project

Pew Research has just presented a Report on Global Views on Morality. Turks are at the top among 40 countries in many categories which is summarized above. Despite this “concern on morals”, Turkey is a country where at least 301 miners – we may never know the exact number- were killed recently in one of many work accidents , child brides is an ongoing issue, violence against women normalized, antisemitism is rampant, its prime minister insulting nearly every section of society, foreign reporters threatened and chased from the country, nearly all public signs of opposition met with police violence……… In sum, frack your morals…

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Comparing masks used by Turkish and American miners…

Turkey’s Mining Disaster Reveals How Little Was Done to Prevent It
Middle East Online
Pieter Verstraete, a researcher at Bilgi University in Istanbul, comments, ?A blue-collar uprising could be the tipping point?something that has so far been avoided.? This latest round of street battles just might catalyze a revolt that crosses class 
EXPLAINED: The Soma mine disaster in five questions


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Foreign reporters not welcome: It’s getting harder to be on assignment in #Turkey http://u.afp.com/soma  pic.twitter.com/ax8rfUSj1m #AFP

Der Spiegel withdraws reporter after death threats over Soma disaster story
Der Spiegel magazine has withdrawn its reporter from Turkey, Hasnain Kazim, after he received death threats over a report in the wake of the Soma disaster last week

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