On the current internet blockage in Turkey…

Alternative Informatics Association notice summarized what happened: Internet shutdown operations have started in Turkey as of 1.30 am on November 4, 2016. This was right at the time when Selahatttin Demirtas, the co-president of HDP (Kurdish front Party) was detained in Diyarbakir. 14 other party members have been detained by the State with allegations regarding their … Read more

As “Government control over Turkish media almost complete”, public and private are assisting an internet shutdown in Diyarbakır…

Media Ownership Monitor: Government control over Turkish media almost complete | Reporters without borders rsf.org – Oct 27, 5:09 AM Penguins became the symbol of the government’s grip on the media in Turkey in 2013, when during the Gezi protests many news channels aired documentaries, one of them on CNN Türk about penguins. Since then … Read more


Laura Wells ‏@wellsla  Unbelievable! Deja vu in #Turkey Govt. blocks 166 sites,including #Youtube,#Twitter b/c of prosecutor photo http://rt.com/news/247117-turkey-blocks-youtube-twitter-facebook/#.VSJ5HvdCpws.twitter … v @06JAnk Turkey Blocks Twitter, YouTube, Scores of Websites After Prosecutor’s Killing Global Voices Online by Arzu Geybullayeva A police officer fires teargas in Istanbul during the Gezi Park protests, June 2013. Photo by Mstyslav Chernov via Wikimedia … Read more

Turkey, whose top scientific body has no digital analysts left, to offer free BUT PROBABLY CENSORED FILTERED Internet to poor families

Bonzai! pic.twitter.com/4nx7GPbFwx — Cenk Sidar (@cenksidar) March 5, 2015 Turkey’s top scientific body has no digital analysts left amid ‘political’ layoffs Turkey’s top scientific body has rejected a local court’s request for evidence analysis, citing a lack of qualified specialists amid massive layoffs with allegedly political motives. Around 700 engineers, experts and chiefs have been fired … Read more

“US Congressmen send Kerry letter about Turkey’s crackdown on Gülen-linked media…Dispatches from Turkey…

US Congressmen send Kerry letter about Turkey’s crackdown on Gülen-linked media US Congress members have written a letter to Kerry about Turkey’s crackdown on media organizations linked to Gülen In the footsteps of the murders of Hrant Dink and Nihat Kazanhan Today’s Zaman After an investigation was launched into Ergenekon — a clandestine organization nested within … Read more

As Facebook caves in, Turkey’s authoritarian march continues: “Specially authorized courts to be reintroduced

Zuckerberg’s free-speech rhetoric proves empty as Facebook censors Charlie … International Business Times UK “In comparison with Twitter and YouTube, Facebook cooperates with the Turkish authorities much better,” Yaman Akdeniz, a professor in cyberlaw at Bilgi University in Istambul, told the New York Times. “Therefore it’s not surprising that Facebook . Facebook Caves to Turkish Government … Read more

Hmmm Facebook was left behind… “Turkish court blocks access to Facebook pages that ‘insult’ the Prophet Muhammad

Turkish court blocks access to Facebook pages that ‘insult’ the Prophet Muhammad A local court in Ankara has ruled to block access to Facebook pages for ‘insulting’ the Prophet Muhammad A good analysis in Turkish here. ************** US, Turkey relations like old marriage, no longer a love affair, says American analyst Washington reviews its relations with Ankara … Read more

Now you will see @Twitter : Turkish Professors (@cyberrights @keremaltiparmak) threaten lawsuit against Twitter for blocking accounts

News in Turkish. Turkish Professors threaten lawsuit against Twitter for blocking accounts Associate Prof. Kerem Altıparmak and Prof. Dr. Yaman Akdeniz issued a warning to Twitter over blocking content on certain accounts, after the US-based social media giant held talks with the government in 2014. According to Milliyet Daily, the letter sent by the professors’ … Read more

A journalist Sedef Kabaş faces up to 5 years due to a Twitter message While European Parliament accepts resolution on freedom of expression in Turkey

  European Parliament accepts resolution on freedom of expression in Turkey The European Parliament approved a resolution on freedom of expression in Turkey Top body initiates yet another mass purge of Turkey‘s judiciary Turkey has witnessed yet another huge wave of mass purges in the judiciary, with the government replacing almost 1,000 judges and prosecutor Turkey … Read more

Turkish government continues to pursue to block internet access without legal order… Dispatches from Turkey…

Turkish gov’t in new bid to block Internet access without legal order Hurriyet Daily News The Turkish government has been preparing to make yet another move which would add insult to injury for those who have been concerned over plight of freedom of expression in the country Prosecutor Requests Arrest of Journalist After Release  Bianet :: English … Read more

HRW Campaign: Turkey: Strike Down Abusive Internet Measures

Turkey: Strike Down Abusive Internet Measures hrw.org – Sep 15 – The retention of metadata by the Telecom Directorate is deeply worrying because it gives the body the direct capacity to conduct surveillance on people’s internet use. The Turkish government very publicly champions the privacy rights of politicians… Related articles Turkey: Strike Down Abusive Internet … Read more

Freedom House report on (the lack of) Internet Freedom in Turkey

  The Struggle for Turkey’s Internet PDF version Turkey is a battleground state for Internet regulation, according to a Freedom House report released in advance of the Internet Governance Forum. The report shows how a young population, improving technology and international connections could result in a free Internet the world might envy, or that government … Read more

Dear @Twitter We don’t get why @theRedHack is witheld in Turkey. @support @jack

At best, some Twitter messages can be withheld due to privacy issues of officials (such as released personal phone numbers). But withholding the whole account looks like Twitter bowing to Turkish government’s authoritarian desires… Twitter suspends RedHack, ‘suggests’ another Turkish user deletes political tweet Hurriyet Daily News Twitter has suspended the account of anti-government hacker groupRedHack, while “suggesting” … Read more

Despite Constitutional Court order, AKP government continues to block Twitter. Kind of a coup d’etat?

RIGHTS – Constitutional Court orders authorities to unblock Twitter hurriyetdailynews.com ? The Constitutional Court has ordered authorities to unblock Twitter, saying the decision violated the rights of users who had appealed the decision. Regarding individual complaints, the court has unanimously ruled the ban is a violation of free RIGHTS – Twitter can be unblocked for just … Read more

Yes, he said. “Turkey may ban Facebook and YouTube

Facebook and YouTube face ban in Turkey if Erdoğan wins March elections Prime minister blames political enemies for abusing social network sites with stream of fabricated internet postingsThe Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said Facebook and YouTube could be banned following local Facebook and YouTube face ban in Turkey if Erdoğan wins March elections Prime … Read more