Turkish government continues to pursue to block internet access without legal order… Dispatches from Turkey…

The Turkish government has been preparing to make yet another move which would add insult to injury for those who have been concerned over plight of freedom of expression in the country
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AEK ‏@influxTR Thousands of people in Turkey protest the recent media arrests by sharing #FreeMediaCannotBeSilenced hashtag & pics
Prosecutor in charge of December 14 Operation requested the arrest of 8 defendants including Zaman newspaper editor-in-chief Ekrem Dumanlı.
The round-up of journalists, the anniversary of the worst corruption scandal in the history of the Turkish republic and the beginning of court cases involving supporters of the Beşiktaş football team, mingled in a week from hell both for Turkish society and for President Racep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government.
The five teenagers were among the crowd who had installed tents at İzmir’s Gündoğdu Square

Turkey in the Ergogan era is undergoing an interesting change. Now it seems the course is less about economically reinvading Europe than going on a kind of Ottoman-matic pilot course. A committee has recently announced a call to have mandatory teaching of Ottoman in Turkish high schools.

Almost half of Turks believe the economy will go bad in the next 12 months, yet very few of them think this will affect their household income negatively, according to an AvivaSA saving trends study
Turkey’s chamber of engineers and architects (TMMOB) has become well-known for opening lawsuits against controversial construction projects across the country
The assassination of an Uzbek dissident in Istanbul was captured by two security cameras
city-journal.org – Claire Berlinski – Dec 23 – Until recently, I lived in Turkey. It seemed to me then unfathomable that most Americans did not recognize the name Fethullah Gülen. Even those vaguely aware of him did not find it perplexing that a Turkish preacher, billionaire, and head of a
washingtonpost.com – Dec 21 – AUTOCRATS OFTEN feel compelled to invent pretexts, no matter how unconvincing, for crushing their opponents. In the latest round of attacks on the news media in Turkey, warrants were issued for the arrest of journalists in which it was stated they
Students protesting the assault on a Kurdish student on Maraş Sütçü İmam University campus faced violence both from ultranationalist students and police.
The report confirms that Elvan died due to head injuries trigged by a violent impact, nsolidating the argument according to which Elvan was directly targeted by the police

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