“HRANT DINK COMMEMORATED: ‘We are Here Ahparig, We Shall Not Give up’

JOURNALIST HRANT DINK COMMEMORATED : ‘We are Here Ahparig, We Shall Not Give up’ Bianet :: English Having lost his life in an armed attack 13 years ago today, journalist Hrant Dink has been commemorated at the time and place where he was murdered. We publish the full statements read out by Şebnem Korur-Fincancı and Sertaç … Read more

It is the anniversary of #HrantDink assassination. Al Jazeera Turkey prepared an interactive infographic…

  Link here Case That Cannot be Solved Over 10 Years bianet.org Hrant Dink was targeted, threatened and murdered over his one news, one article. 10 years passed over his murder. During 10 years, people said “Try those who gave the order”. The Dink trial continues with increasing number of suspects In other news: Veteran … Read more

So far excluded but… “Turkey cannot be excluded from Mosul operation: Erdoğan”

Turkey cannot be excluded from Mosul operation: Erdoğan Ankara cannot be excluded from the operation launched to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Oct. 17 PM Yıldırım says Turkey joined air strikes in Mosul operation Turkey has joined air strikes by … Read more

Parliamentary system is dead: “Turkey extends state of emergency for additional three months”

Turkey extends state of emergency for additional three months The Turkish government has extended the state of emergency, first implemented in the aftermath of the July 15 coup attempt, for an additional three-month period, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş announced on Oct. 3 Turkey’s great purge BBC News | Europe | World Edition Public sector staff are … Read more

After 9 years, new footage that proves some state officials’ involvement in Hrant Dink Assassination leaked…

The day Hrant Dink was assassinated, this blog turned to be a critical one, we always knew state was involved in one way or another, but only after the political fratricide, we can get a little bit of documentation. There is  possibly more footage that might be leaked soon… Footage reveals further evidence in Dink probe against … Read more

“US Congressmen send Kerry letter about Turkey’s crackdown on Gülen-linked media…Dispatches from Turkey…

US Congressmen send Kerry letter about Turkey’s crackdown on Gülen-linked media US Congress members have written a letter to Kerry about Turkey’s crackdown on media organizations linked to Gülen In the footsteps of the murders of Hrant Dink and Nihat Kazanhan Today’s Zaman After an investigation was launched into Ergenekon — a clandestine organization nested within … Read more

Turkish justice today: Dutch journalist faces jail term for ‘PKK propaganda’ & Gezi activists as morally-problematic ‘others’ in Police’s eyes…

Turkish police saw Gezi activists as morally-problematic ‘others’ Police viewed the activists in the Gezi Park protests as ‘morally problematic outsiders’ Diyarbakır-based Dutch journalist faces jail term for ‘PKK propaganda’ A lawsuit has been opened against Frederike Geerdink on charges of making propaganda on behalf of PKK Indictment of Dutch journalist in Turkey heightens press freedom fears  World … Read more