A journalist Sedef Kabaş faces up to 5 years due to a Twitter message While European Parliament accepts resolution on freedom of expression in Turkey


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Today’s Zaman ‏@todayszamancom Journalist faces up to 5 years in jail for critical tweet over graft probe http://www.todayszaman.com/national_journalist-faces-up-to-5-years-in-jail-for-critical-tweet-over-graft-probe_370031.html …
The European Parliament approved a resolution on freedom of expression in Turkey

Top body initiates yet another mass purge of Turkey‘s judiciary

Turkey has witnessed yet another huge wave of mass purges in the judiciary, with the government replacing almost 1,000 judges and prosecutor
Turkey fined 60,000 euros by ECHR for ill-treatment of minors

The ECHR has fined Turkey 60,000 euros in fine for non-pecuniary damage in a lawsuit launched by two applicants for ill-treatment in detention in 2002, after they took a neighbor who had been shot in the street to hospital when
Turkey‘s prime minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu, says both Binyamin Netanyahu and the terrorists whose attacks in Paris last week left 17 dead have committed crimes against humanity. Davutoğlu accuses the Israeli PM of ‘killing Palestinians and dishing it out like a normal thing’ during the war in Gaza last summer, and says his actions must be stoppedContinue reading…
anoninsiders.net – Note: This post was created as a result of the ongoing censorship in Turkey. As by now, the twitter account leaking these documents @LazepeM is blocked in Turkey, Google pulled down the documents and a publication ban was set up for all news
hurriyetdailynews.com – Turkish authorities have warned that all websites publishing alleged records related to Syrian-bound trucks belonging to the Turkish intelligence agency that were stopped by a prosecutor last year will be banned, presaging a possible new ban on

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