Not surprisingly, Internet freedom declined this year further as the new Freedom House report states…

Turkey Freedom House Internet freedom declined this year in Turkey after the government temporarily blocked social media platforms, leaving people living in the south of the country without access to essential services and tools. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s   The Pandemic’s Digital Shadow Freedom House The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating a dramatic decline in global … Read more

Clear cut: “The End of Turkey in Europe”/ “New Turkey” deconstructed in Open Democracy series…

The End of Turkey in Europe Freedom House – Nate Schenkkan – On December 17, 2013, Turkey woke up to mass police raids across the country. The chief executive of state-owned HalkBank was detained, and television stations showed shoeboxes stuffed with millions of American dollars pulled out from under his… Turkey’s politicians should not be let … Read more

Freedom House (@freedomhousedc) releases Freedom on the Net 2014 report… Cyberculture agenda…

Report link here Turkey partly free ************** Angela Merkel calls for end to net neutrality Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow The German Chancellor — whose party is closely aligned with the telcoms sector — says she wants a two-tier Internet; on the “fast” Internet, carriers will be allowed to slow down access to services that haven’t paid … Read more

Last #IGF2014 note: Turkish official position at IGF

What is most disappointing  about the Turkish official position that hosts IGF is that in internet governance matters not a single inch change occurred. They do not have the manpower to make their propaganda or change discourses to try to persuade critics. One of the major panels Turkey hosted was unsurprisingly on “child safety”. One might admire how Turks are so sensitive … Read more

#IGF2014 notes- Meeting with Facebook Public Policy Officials #FHDel

  #IGF2014 notes- Meeting with Facebook Officials #FHDel Politicians always want to control mass media and it is now social media/ internet. This is also a concern for us said one of them. Russia’s new blogger law is even more direct that Turkey’s 5610 Law. Snowden was a turning point even in IGF. An official … Read more

This is the week of Internet (Un)Governance Forums- #IGF2014 #ungov #FHDel

Day 0 starts today with some pre-meeting events. There will be a public Freedom House reception in Taksim. I will attend the IGF as a Freedom House delegate. All FH delegates are listed here in this Twitter list (and they contribute at #FHDel). In addition to this massive event IGF 2014, there will be an alternative event … Read more

Freedom House report on (the lack of) Internet Freedom in Turkey

  The Struggle for Turkey’s Internet PDF version Turkey is a battleground state for Internet regulation, according to a Freedom House report released in advance of the Internet Governance Forum. The report shows how a young population, improving technology and international connections could result in a free Internet the world might envy, or that government … Read more

R.I.P. Mehmet İstif…. EFD Rights Watch

Gezi protester dies amid cancer treatment following tear gas inhalation Mehmet İstif contracted tongue cancer allegedly triggered by the inhalation of police tear gas **************** ?Police Killed 155 People in 7 Years? Baran Tursun Foundation released a message on the occasion of Mother?s Day, saying that they could detect at least 155 individuals who were killed by … Read more

Pro-gov’t papers close to anti-Semitism in their Freedom House critique… Turkey?s Council of State cancels Taksim pedestrianization project

Freedom House says Turkish papers resorted to anti-Semitism Today’s Zaman They include the government’s recent releases of journalists in the Ergenekon and KCK cases, regressive changes to Turkey’s Internet law 5651, the blocking of Twitter and YouTube, and the law increasing intelligence,” the statement said, adding that . Turkey?s Council of State cancels Taksim pedestrianization project … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: “MEDIA MONITORING JANUARY-FEBRUARY-MARCH 2014: PM Erdoğan Starring in FoE Violations!

May Day in Turkey no longer worker’s, but policeman?s holiday: Human Rights Watch   For the second year running, thousands who gathered in the districts of Beşiktaş and Şişli to march toward Taksim Square ere dispersed with tear gas and water cannons Journalists in Turkey freer than all countries listed in Freedom House report: FM … Read more

It is official: Turkey relegated to the league of ?not free? countries in Freedom House report.

Turkey relegated to the league of ?not free? countries: report Turkey has been relegated from the league of ?Partly Free? countries to the league of ?Not Free? countries, Freedom House reports Tear gas at Turkish May Day protests Riot police in Turkey use tear gas and water canon to prevent demonstrators defying a ban on protests on … Read more

Pressure on President Gül increases as Turkey ranks second [after China] in Internet censors…

Turkish President Gül?s veto of Internet bill will be vital: Freedom House chief   Following the release of a special report on Turkey, Freedom House President David Kramer says President Gül?s potential veto of the controversial Internet bill is ?vital Turkey ranks second in Internet censors: Report   Turkey ranks second after China in demands … Read more

Freedom House report: Internet Freedom Deteriorates Worldwide, but Activists Push Back… Cyberculture roundup…

  New Report: Internet Freedom Deteriorates Worldwide, but Activists Push Back Washington Broad surveillance, new laws controlling web content, and growing arrests of social-media users drove a worldwide decline in internet freedom in the past year, according to a new study released today by Freedom House. Nonetheless, Freedom on the Net 2013 also found that activists are becoming more … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Freedom House Report 2013 for Turkey

Turkey | Freedom House Report 2013 from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M “that many believe” as stated in the report is I believe a minority opinion. Badly researched and badly stated. Read the report and be the judge.   Answer these questions for Turkey. Do you think Freedom House received biased views…[1]   Mavi Boncuk | … Read more

Cengiz Aktar: İnsanî gelişme ve Türkiye?nin sıralamaları

 İnsanî gelişme ve Türkiye?nin sıralamaları 1990?dan bu yana yıllık yayımlanan BM Kalkınma Programı UNDP?nin Dünya İnsanî Gelişme raporu aybaşında açıklandı. Türkiye geçen yıl terfi edebildiği Yüksek İnsanî Gelişme düzeyindeki yerini korumuş ve üç basamak da yükselmiş. 187 ülke arasında 92. sırada ( veya ). Ancak bu görece başarı yanıltmasın. Çünkü bulunduğumuz düzeyin üstünde bir düzey daha var. Ve esas … Read more