Cyberculture agenda: “Berkman Center Launches New Internet Data Dashboard

Berkman Center Launches New Internet Data Dashboard  Berkman Center Newsfeed Subtitle Dashboard debuts at World Economic Forum meeting in Geneva Teaser The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is pleased to announce the launch of the Internet Monitor dashboard, a freely accessible tool that aims to improve information for policymakers, researchers, advocates, and … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “IMF breaks off talks with Athens…”EU Parliament puts off TTIP debate…

MAIN FOCUS: IMF breaks off talks with Athens | 12/06/2015 euro|topics The IMF representatives pulled out of talks with Athens in Brussels on Thursday. A spokesman for the organisation complained that the differences of opinion were too great. It is unclear when the negotiations will be resumed. In the end the creditors won’t abandon Greece to … Read more

Better than nothing. The Commemorative Events in Istanbul. Turkey hesitant reacting Russia, France’s G-decisions. #ArmenianGenocide

The Commemorative Events for Genocide in Istanbul Bianet :: English On the anniversary of 1915 Genocide, several events were held in Istanbul. The official ceremony, the genocide march, and erecting memorial stone in front of the victims were some of the ceremonial events among others. Armenian Genocide: Coverage on 19th and 20th Century  Bianet :: English Demoyan, … Read more

Now it is Pope’s turn: “Erdoğan warns Pope Francis not to repeat ‘mistake’ about Armenian claims…

Erdoğan warns Pope Francis not to repeat ‘mistake’ about Armenian claims Turkish President Erdoğan has condemned Pope Francis, warning him to not repeat the ‘mistake’ of describing the mass killings of Ottoman Armenians as ‘genocide.’ European Parliament set to vote on ‘genocide’ claims The European Parliament is set to discuss and vote on a resolution April 15 … Read more

The Pope hits hard. The word Genocide.

He was the first foreign notable to visit Erdoğan’s Palace and now He uttered the G. word 🙂 Pope’s remarks on Armenia issue irk Ankara Turkey has summoned the Vatican’s ambassador in Ankara over the Pope’s comments on the mass deportation of Armenians Turkey fury at Pope ‘genocide’ claim BBC News | Europe | World Edition Turkey … Read more

Erkan also quoted: BBC Trending: “Anger over new powers for Turkish authorities online…

Anger over new powers for Turkish authorities online BBC Trending What’s popular and why Restricted access to the internet in Turkey saw widespread demonstrations in Istanbul last year Continue reading the main story Last year Turkey entered the headlines for briefly blocking Twitter and YouTube. Now, with both unblocked, activists are using them to highlight a … Read more

As AKP’s Security Bill about to be passed, Amnesty Turkey starts a petition campaign…

Amnesty Turkey campaign at Turkey: The last exit before the police state A cartoon guide to Turkey’s nosedive in human rights. In other news: European Court of Human Rights fines Turkey over length of investigation The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has fined Turkey for violating Article 3 of the European Convention on Human … Read more

Dear @Mashable There is nothing surprising about Erdoğan’s stand on Özgecan murder…

This is in reaction to Mashable headline linked below. The Mashable author is surprised that Erdoğan was critical of violence against women but when you deconstruct his arguments, one can see that he is one of the most vocal critic of modern women rights. Erdoğan was critical of rape and murder of Özgecan Aslan but during the same period … Read more

As Davutoğlu eagerly promotes Homeland Security Act, “Conscientious Objector Receives 15 Months of Prison” despite EU reforms…

Conscientious Objector Receives 15 Months of Prison Bianet :: English Mehmet Tarhan, a conscientious objector from Turkey, received 15 months of prison and 9,000 liras fine despite related ECHR rulings. Advocates Protest Homeland Security Act With Night-Watch  Bianet :: English Advocates affiliated with Istanbul Bar Association held a night-long “justice watch” in Istanbul Courthouse against Turkey’s homeland … Read more

As Facebook caves in, Turkey’s authoritarian march continues: “Specially authorized courts to be reintroduced

Zuckerberg’s free-speech rhetoric proves empty as Facebook censors Charlie … International Business Times UK “In comparison with Twitter and YouTube, Facebook cooperates with the Turkish authorities much better,” Yaman Akdeniz, a professor in cyberlaw at Bilgi University in Istambul, told the New York Times. “Therefore it’s not surprising that Facebook . Facebook Caves to Turkish Government … Read more

Erdoğan chairs first cabinet meeting, starts de facto Presidency…

Erdoğan chairs first cabinet meeting, promoting presidential system The meeting takes place at the Presidential Palace under the leadership of President Erdoğan and with the participation of Prime Minister Davutoğlu Erdoğan moves for de facto regime change in Turkey Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan convenes the board of ministers in his new Presidential Palace today on Jan. 19 … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Head of STV Channel arrested while Zaman chief editor Dumanlı released… #GazetecilerDerhalBırakılsın

  Turkish deputy PM objects to arrest of media bosses Hurriyet Daily News Deputy PM Arınç has opposed the detention of two media chiefs who were taken into custody during controversial weekend raids on journalists and television staff linked to Gülen Turkey appeals ECHR ruling on compulsory religion classes in schools Hurriyet Daily News Turkey has appealed … Read more

[Türkçe versiyon da var] Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant is waiting for your applications!

Türkçe bülten için buraya tıklayınız. Նորությունների թերթոնն հայերենով՝ այստեղ Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant is waiting for your applications! Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant implemented by the Hrant Dink Foundation aims to support the travels between Turkey and Armenia to increase direct contacts and to promote cooperation between the peoples of the two neighbouring countries.   Hrant Dink Foundation … Read more

German President Joachim Gauck in Turkey. A FP roundup…

German president arrives in Turkey, to visit German troops German President Joachim Gauck arrived in Turkey late yesterday as he kicked off a four-day visit to Turkey. Turkey Reaction To Gul on TIME 100 Notes Absence of Erdogan Turkey’s controversial Prime Minister is more used to the spotlight than his ally and rival, President Abdullah Gul … Read more

Cengiz Aktar: Kafkas cephesinde hareketlilik

Kafkas cephesinde hareketlilik    Dışişleri Bakanı perşembe günü Karadeniz Ekonomik İşbirliği Teşkilâtı?nın bir toplantısına Türkiye?yi temsilen katılmak üzere Erivan?a gidiyor. Normal şartta adî bir vaka sayılacak bu seyahat pekçok nedenden ötürü ayrı bir mana ifade ediyor. İki ülke arasında diplomatik ilişkilerin olmayışı, Türkiye?nin ?olmayan? Ermenistan politikasını Azerbaycan?a ihale etmiş olması, Ermeni Soykırımı?nın yüzüncü yılında hükümetin … Read more