A Journalism roundup: “The future of the newspaper…”70 journalists died on the job in 2013…

  The future of the newspaper Digitalization is already part of the newspaper, both in terms of the production process and distribution. And the dual structure of print and digital media is likely to persist, write Thomas Steinfeld and Lothar Müller. The ultimate triumph of digital over print media is by no means imminent.   … Read more

50 Film Posters From Poland…Mashable asks Why ‘The Breakfast Club’ Could Never Happen Today… A cinema roundup…

Why ‘The Breakfast Club’ Could Never Happen Today from Mashable! by Neha Prakash   The Breakfast Club is a harrowing tale of five strangers breaking stereotypes and forming the bond of a lifetime. But at its core, it’s just about detention and the lengths kids will go to to keep themselves entertained   Repertory Pick: … Read more

Journalism roundup: “Changing Face of International Media Development”, Julian Assange?s TV show, “Hyperlocal news manifesto” and more…

The Digital Age and the Changing Face of International Media Development from MediaShift Search for the term “international media development” and you won’t find many university departments or publications. Nonetheless, the field is over 50 years old and has exerted a major influence on many regions of the world, accounting for a budget of half … Read more

A Journalism roundup: World’s most dangerous region for journalists; AP’s social media editor,

Press release: World’s most dangerous region for journalists: the Arab World from Editors Weblog – all postings by Federica Cherubini Repression of uprisings makes the region the world’s most dangerous place for journalists. Sixty-four journalists and other media workers were killed world-wide because of their professional activities in 2011, with nearly half of them killed … Read more

A journalism roundup: iPad 2 for journalists, “Digital feudalism etc…

The iPad 2 brings better content creation for journalists from Editors Weblog – all postings by Ashley Stepanek There is much hullabaloo in the media about the iPad 2, following a significant period of speculation about new features. We now know that, yes, it is thinner and lighter by way of 0.34-inches deep and 1.33 … Read more

a Journalism roundup: The wave of non-profit locally-focused news organizations and more…

  Diaspora and future social networks: decentralized, open-sourced? from Editors Weblog – all postings by Jean Yves Chainon It has been about a year now since Diaspora and its four founders made ripples through the blogosphere and mainstream media, including in this New York Times article, following the $200,000 plus donations that the budding alternative … Read more

from MediaShift: 5 emerging trends for Public Media 2.0

5 Emerging Trends That Give Hope for Public Media 2.0 from MediaShift The Public Media 2.0 series on MediaShift is sponsored by American University’s Center for Social Media (CSM) through a grant from the Ford Foundation. Learn more about CSM’s research on emerging public media trends and standards at futureofpublicmedia.net. Public media is facing the … Read more

Google to help digital journalism…

$5 million to encourage innovation in digital journalism from The Official Google Blog by A Googler Journalism is fundamental to a functioning democracy. So as media organizations globally continue to broaden their presence online, we?re eager to play our part on the technology side?experimenting with new ways of presenting news online; providing tools like Google … Read more

“The Global Media Monitoring Project Report 2010

Who Makes the News? The Global Media Monitoring Project Report 2010 from Docuticker Who Makes the News? The Global Media Monitoring Project Report 2010 (PDF) Source: World Association for Christian Communication From press release (PDF): Women are still significantly underrepresented and misrepresented in news media coverage, according to Global Media Monitoring Project research in 108 … Read more

“Wikipedia Founder: Apps, Not Paywalls, Could Save the News…

Wikipedia Founder Says Apps, Not Paywalls, Could Save the News from Mashable! by Samuel Axon Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said in an interview with the Associated Press yesterday that paid apps like those found on the iPhone, Android and iPad could help financially troubled news organizations, but he didn?t have anything positive to say about … Read more

“Skills for Future Journalists

What Skills Will Future Journalists Need?

from MediaShift

For the past two years, OurBlook.com has been conducting interviews with top experts in journalism and media about the future of journalism. In my previous post for MediaShift, I offered a collection of views about where the industry and profession is headed.

We recently began asking interviewees to outline what they see as the role and skillset of the journalist. Overall, experts agreed that the future journalist will be:

  • A multitasker, juggling various responsibilities and roles, many which may have nothing to do with “traditional” journalism.
  • Technologically savvy, having at least a basic understanding of programming, web tools, and web culture.
  • A gatekeeper for a particular beat, directing readers to the most current and trustworthy news, regardless of who wrote it or where it’s housed.
  • A versatile storyteller, who knows how to present a story online in various formats.
  • A brand and a community manager, who cultivates a constant and interactive conversation with their readership.

    Read more

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