Journalism agenda: Social Media giants react to fake news phenomena after the damage already done…

Twitter is banning multiple alt-right accounts The Next Web by Abhimanyu Ghoshal Following the release of new features to tackle abuse on its network yesterday, Twitter has begun suspending the accounts of users associated with the alt-right political movement, reports USA Today. That includes the one belonging to Richard Spencer, who heads up the National Policy … Read more

Journalism agenda: “A Journalist’s Guide To Approaching Social Sources”

Download this new guide to approaching social sources for journalists First Draft News by Alastair Reid Two weeks ago the movie Sully opened, a dramatic recreation of the circumstances surrounding Flight 1549 which crashed into the Hudson River in 2009 with Captain Sullenberger at the controls. I’ve yet to see the film, but I doubt they … Read more

Journalism agenda: “How Are Journalists Using Social Media? (Report)

How Are Journalists Using Social Media? (Report)  All Facebook by Kimberlee Morrison Social media has grown from friend communication service to all-encompassing digital life tool. During this digital evolution, journalists who were early adopters and used social sites for both gathering information and broadcasting content have become a core part of many platforms. A white paper … Read more

Journalism agenda: 2015 Pulitzer Prize winners…

2015 Pulitzer Prize winners by Jason Kottke Anthony Doerr Wins Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for All the Light We Cannot See All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Elizabeth Kolbert won for General Nonfiction. Read more on’s Writer’s Blog / Big Pulitzer Prizes go … Read more

Literati roundup: “10 gadgets for the bookworm…”The 75 best-edited movies of all time…

10 gadgets for the bookworm in your life Mashable! by Elisha Hartwig   Everyone knows one of them. They always have their nose stuck in a book, they don’t go anywhere without one and they are perennially asking you if you’ve read the book version of that movie that just came out. Bookworms. Book lovers. Bibliophiles … Read more

Journalism roundup: Q&A: Guardian social and community editor Joanna Geary heads off to Twitter U.K.

  Rethinking shoe leather and professional boundaries in reporting ? and academia I was clueless about pretty much everything regarding academia and my field when I entered grad school three years ago (as opposed to merely ?most things? now), and in retrospect, that cluelessness should have worried me more than it did at the time. … Read more

Journalism roundup: “Changing Face of International Media Development”, Julian Assange?s TV show, “Hyperlocal news manifesto” and more…

The Digital Age and the Changing Face of International Media Development from MediaShift Search for the term “international media development” and you won’t find many university departments or publications. Nonetheless, the field is over 50 years old and has exerted a major influence on many regions of the world, accounting for a budget of half … Read more

Nobel Prize Winner:New Media Democratize Science News…. a journalism roundup

Nobel Prize Winner on How New Media is Democratizing Science News from MediaShift MediaShift’s science journalism coverage is sponsored by the Columbia Journalism School, which offers an innovative specialized M.A. for experienced journalists who want to cover science, business, arts or politics in a sophisticated, nuanced manner.Learn more here. In his lab, scientist and Nobel … Read more

an online-only publication makes it to Pulitzer, first time…

Online Journalists Make Pulitzer History from Mashable! by Jolie O’Dell Today, a cartoonist for, the online arm of the San Francisco Chronicle, and an investigative journalist at ProPublica won Pulitzer Prizes for their work. The reason we?ve dubbed these wins ?history-making? is because this is the first time any online-only publication has won the … Read more

"European Court of Human Rights recognises right to protect sources

European Court of Human Rights recognises right to protect sources

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Jennifer Lush

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg ruled in the favour of five media companies yesterday, recognising a journalistic right to protect anonymous sources, reports AFP.

The Financial Times, the Independent, the Guardian, the Times and Reuters news agency won an appeal against British courts who had ordered them to hand over documents relating to a Belgian brewing firm, Interbrew.

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