Journalism agenda: “London attacks changed the news: The value of the witness

The value of the witness: How the London attacks changed the news  Mashable! by Colin Daileda The night after the deadliest peace-time attack on London, the BBC led its 6 p.m. newscast with a shaky video of screaming commuters, an ambulance siren howling in the background Twitter’s new article preview cards could be a boost for publishers … Read more

P24 (@P24Punto24) için yeni yazım: “Dijital Dönüşüm ve Gazetecilik için Yeni İş Modelleri (1)

08 Aralık Dijital Dönüşüm ve Gazetecilik için Yeni İş Modelleri (1) ERKAN SAKA Reklam gelirleri düşerken internette “açık gazetecilik” mi yoksa “ödeme duvarı” mı tartışması sürüyor Bir süredir yeni medya düzeninde gazetecilik için iş modelleri/ gelir kaynakları tartışmalarını takip etmeye çalışıyorum. Bir dizi yazı ile bu arayışları burada göstermeye çalışacağım. Belki bu bağlamda bir tartışma … Read more

Journalism roundup: Mapping Media Freedom in Europe

A Ushahidi platform to map media freedom in Europe here.  Index on Censorship and Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso are joining forces to map the state of media freedom in Europe. With your participation, we are mapping the violations, threats and limitations that European media professionals, bloggers and citizen journalists face everyday. We are also collecting … Read more

“Best longform journalism of 2013… A Journalism roundup…

The leaked New York Times innovation report is one of the key documents of this media age Nieman Journalism Lab by Joshua Benton There are few things that can galvanize the news world?s attention like a change in leadership atop The New York Times. Jill Abramson?s ouster yesterday afternoon probably reduced American newsroom productivity enough … Read more

A journalism roundup: “Engin Önder and Zeynep Tufekci on @140journos and the state of journalism in Turkey

Q&A: Engin Önder and Zeynep Tufekci on 140journos and the state of journalism in Turkey Nieman Journalism Lab Engin Önder is not a journalist, and he?ll be the first to tell you that. (?No way,? he said, laughing, when I asked.) Instead, Önder, who cofounded the Turkish citizen journalism platform 140journos, considers himself a citizen … Read more

A Journalism roundup: “The future of the newspaper…”70 journalists died on the job in 2013…

  The future of the newspaper Digitalization is already part of the newspaper, both in terms of the production process and distribution. And the dual structure of print and digital media is likely to persist, write Thomas Steinfeld and Lothar Müller. The ultimate triumph of digital over print media is by no means imminent.   … Read more

Our colleague Ahmet Şık receives 2013 International Press Freedom Award…

Ahmet Şık is a freelance journalist and photographer living and working in Turkey. He has worked at several publications, includingCumhuriyet, Evrensel, Yeni Yüzyıl and Radikal. He was forced to turn to freelance journalism after facing retribution from his former employer for an investigative article that he published. Ahmet Şık is the recipient of a 2013 … Read more

#Mediastan (2013)

  For the first time ever, audiences get a behind-the-scenes insight into the world’s first truly global media event: “Operation Cablerun” : the 2011 operation during which WikiLeaks ran hundreds of thousands of secret US government cables to media outlets around the world. In Mediastan, an undercover team of journalists drives across the central Asian … Read more

Filiz Taylan Yüzak EFD’ye özel yazdı: George Brock’la GAZETECİLİĞİN GELECEĞİ KONULU BİR BEYİN FIRTINASI…

GAZETECİLİĞİN GELECEĞİ KONULU BİR BEYİN FIRTINASI? 26 Eylül 2013, Filiz Taylan Yüzak İletişim:   ?Londra?daki Yazarlar ve Gazeteciler? adlı Meetup buluşmasının ilk konuğu Londra-City Üniversitesi?nin Gazetecilik Bölüm Başkanı, Profesör Dr. George Brock?tu. Bu toplantı için farklı ülkelerden gelmiş (Slovakya, Almanya, Türkiye, Hindistan, Yeni Zelanda, İrlanda, İngiltere, Finlandiya), ancak Londra?da yaşayan yaklaşık 10 gazeteci, gazeteci … Read more

A Journalism roundup: Pierre Bourdieu?s charts and journalism… Manning Trial’s Impact… NYT sells The Boston Globe

Criminalizing Journalism: Manning, Media and You Illustration: Reuters/William Hennessy   Pierre Bourdieu?s charts and journalism Journalists should take nothing for granted but, instead, look at the silences in the world and ask: why?   American model of media and journalism or why the “revolution” might not be televised Living in USA within the last month … Read more

?JavaScript journalism?… a Journalism roundup…

Arguing for a new genre: ?JavaScript journalism? Ray Daly of The Washington Post has been writing JavaScript since the 1990s. In May, hespoke at JSConf about ?JavaScript journalism? ? the idea that just as it took some time for photojournalism to be respected as a distinct field, it?s now proper to define JavaScript journalism as its own thing, a … Read more

A Journalism roundup: Al Jazeera America and more…

Reinventing American cable news from Qatar: Why everyone?s talking about Al Jazeera America Al Jazeera America will launch on August 20 and, according to increasingly contentious recent coverage, it?s either going to save American cable news or be a disaster. How Google Glass can evolve as a tool for journalists Editor?s note: This is a guest … Read more

“Acts of Journalism and the Espionage Act… A journalism roundup…

New York Times launches new interactive ads for mobile The New York Times is out with some interesting new ad formats specifically tailored for their iPad app. Developed by the Times? Idea Lab, the new formats emphasize interactivity and a push to connect the app to other features on the iPad, including: Acts of Journalism … Read more

BBC Statement regarding BBC reporters in Turkey

[[Yesterday Ankara mayor, Melih Gökçek, accuses BBC Turkish journalist of being an ‘agent’ in Twitter campaign]]  Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek   BBC Global News Director, Peter Horrocks, has issued the following statement. The BBC is very concerned by the continued campaign of the Turkish authorities to discredit the BBC and intimidate its journalists. A large … Read more

The Guardian: “Journalism under attack across the globe imperils press freedom… A Journalism roundup…

Journalism under attack across the globe imperils press freedom from World news: Turkey | by Roy Greenslade An unprecedented rise in the number of journalists killed and imprisoned in the past year, coupled with restrictive legislation and state censorship, is jeopardising independent reporting in many countries, according to a report issued today. From the … Read more