from Mediashift: “6 Tips to Support Digital News Through Advertising” and a journalism roundup

6 Tips to Support Digital News Through Advertising from MediaShift This is the first in a series of columns on new business models for news and other media. You’ll be able to find other stories in the series by clicking on the Business Models tag. One of the toughest ways to support a digital news operation is … Read more

alleged Topiary of LulzSec bailed… a cyberculture roundup..

Teenager said to be LulzSec?s Topiary bailed by Rob Beschizz a Photo: Tim Bradshaw of the Financial Times. Jake Davis, the 18-year-old Briton accused by police of being Lulz Security spokestweeter Topiary, is out on bail. Paul Sawers writes: French copyright enforcers: ?Pirates are big spenders on legit content? by Cory Doctorow HADOPI, the French … Read more

a Journalism roundup: The wave of non-profit locally-focused news organizations and more…

  Diaspora and future social networks: decentralized, open-sourced? from Editors Weblog – all postings by Jean Yves Chainon It has been about a year now since Diaspora and its four founders made ripples through the blogosphere and mainstream media, including in this New York Times article, following the $200,000 plus donations that the budding alternative … Read more