“The Global Media Monitoring Project Report 2010

Who Makes the News? The Global Media Monitoring Project Report 2010

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Who Makes the News? The Global Media Monitoring Project Report 2010 (PDF) Source: World Association for Christian Communication From press release (PDF): Women are still significantly underrepresented and misrepresented in news media coverage, according to Global Media Monitoring Project research in 108 countries coordinated by the World Association for Christian Communication, despite significant change since the project […]

Journalism in the age of data

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A 50-minute documentary on information visualization and its use in journalism:

Unpaid HuffPo journalist quits, warns citizen journalism enthusiasts

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The Huffington Post’s most touted citizen journalist, Mayhill Fowler, has quit the Huffington Post, according to a blog posted on Washington Post. She is known for scooping the pros twice during the 2008 presidential campaign, recording Bill Clinton’s tirade against Vanity Fair writer Todd Purdum and quoting Barack Obama saying working class voters “cling to guns or religion.”

For local papers, what is at stake in the digital era?

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When considering the decline of the print press model, professionals need to decipher if the trend correlates equally to smaller papers. It is true that local papers may not have felt the shock of digital technology as much as national titles. Why is that? Rick Edmonds from Poynter explains that community papers have benefitted from an innate buffer between them and online news. Yet with the rapid growth of technology and hyperlocal news, journalists should not become compliant.

Twitter takes back seat in directing users to news sites?

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sourcesRes_201009.pngAccording to atinternet-institute.com, “social networks are at the heart of breaking news,” but a recent study showed that news is looked at more when on Facebook.  The study found that Facebook accounts holders French news Web sites one time out of one hundred, which is 13 times more than with Twitter.  The twelve leading French news Web sites were looked at for this study.

NPR surveys Twitter users

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As a new form of interactive journalism is evolving, the news industry needs to research and implement different social media distribution strategies. NPR has demonstrated a reckless abandonment in optimizing social media, thus making the business an example for other newspapers to follow. Over the summer NPR launched its Argo Project, which links hyperlocal NPR blogs across the nation. NPR was also noted for using Facebook to both promote its articles and as a method of content sourcing. Recently, NPR conducted a survey between its Facebook and Twitter users, which reveals different behaviors each type of user demonstrates when consuming news.

How Journalism Teachers are Failing, and How to Stop It

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