Anthropology roundup: “AAA Membership Votes Down Academic Boycott Resolution

AAA Membership Votes Down Academic Boycott Resolution June 6, 2016: In a close vote, the AAA membership voted against the resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions. Fifty-one percent of AAA’s eligible members voted, the largest turnout in AAA history, with 2,423 members opposing the resolution, and 2,384 voting to support it. The membership has spoken … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “Decolonizing Anthropology…

8 Awesome Anthropologists Advancing Public Outreach Forbes It’s International Women’s Day, and I’ve seen an abundance of posts about the amazing pioneers in my field of anthropology. One that sticks out for many people is Margaret Mead, an all-around awesome anthropologist known for her research, museum work, … Anthropology without Villains: Kurt’s Vonnegut’s Master’s Degree in … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “Religion has been causing conflict since 2000 years ago,anthropologists say”…

Religion has been causing conflict since 2000 years ago,anthropologists say ChristianToday This social tension caused by religion, however, is not a product of the modern world, according to a new study published on the journal “Current Anthropology.” In fact, researchers have concluded that religion has been causing conflict for over 2,000 Anthropologists overwhelmingly vote to … Read more

Anthropology roundup: Maximilian Forte’s piece- “BDS, the AAA, and Academic Imperialism

BDS, the AAA, and Academic Imperialism OPEN ANTHROPOLOGY by Maximilian Forte We Disagree to Agree Support for a particular cause can come from numerous sources and points of view, each representing different interests. Similarly, people can arrive at the site of a demonstration, united in protest against an injustice, having arrived there from many different routes … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “Task Force on AAA Engagement on Israel-Palestine”- Final report

Final Report: Task Force on AAA Engagement on Israel-Palestine American Anthropological Association by Anne Kelsey Read the full report.  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Recent years have seen increasing pressure in the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and many other professional academic associations to discuss alleged Israeli violations of academic freedom and human rights, and to move toward sanctioning Israel. … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “The Secret Gear Connecting Google’s Online Empire….

Revealed: The Secret Gear Connecting Google’s Online Empire Wired Top Stories by Cade Metz For a decade, Google has been building the networking equipment that runs its online empire in secret. Today, it’s raising the curtain. Who benefits from the ‘internet space race’?  Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology — A Group Blog by Adam Fish … Read more

Not surprisingly, Turkey did not meet its promise of $200 million aid to Palestine

Turkey says stands behind promise for $200 million aid to Palestine Attacks by opposition parties against the government over its perceived failure to keep its promises of assistance to the Gaza Strip appear to have prompted a top Turkish agency to list in detail the country’s assistance to Gaza, which has long been strangled by blockades, … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: [Not in Turkey but] Confidence in the EU on the rise…Greek political crisis

Confidence in the EU on the rise Citizens’ confidence in the European Union has grown since the European elections in May 2014. The uncertain economic situation and immigration are among the main issues still causing concern for the electorate. EurActiv France reports.   Greek political crisis: Huge amount at stake BBC News | Europe | World … Read more

Anthropologists on full attack: “The Digital” as major theme at #AAA2014

“The Digital” as major theme at #AAA2014 Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology — A Group Blog by Matt Thompson As I settled in to browse the conference program for the 2014 annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association (just hours before I was scheduled to leave, natch), I was immediately struck by a common … Read more

New EU foreign policy chief Mogherini in Turkey to encourage [possibly in vain] for anti-ISIL fight…

EU to press Turkey for help in anti-ISIL fight New EU foreign policy chief Mogherini makes her first visit to Turkey with ISIL on top of her agenda EU to press Turkey over IS militants BBC News | Europe | World Edition EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini is in Turkey to urge it to participate fully … Read more

Insanity- Red Star Belgrade fan stabbed to death… Governor of Edirne orders synagogue be turned into museum…

Red Star Belgrade fan stabbed to death before basketball match in Istanbul World news: Turkey | • Serbian consul confirms death of 25-year-old supporter • Trouble took place outside Galatasaray v Red Star matchA 25-year old Red Star Belgrade fan was stabbed to death in violence before the team’s Euroleague basketball match at Galatasaray in … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Twitter invests $10 million in Lab for Social Machines…

  Twitter invests $10 million in new MIT Laboratory for Social Machines  The Next Web by Josh Ong Twitter has announced a new academic partnership with MIT that includes a five-year $10 million commitment to a new Laboratory for Social Machines. Restrict Google Forms to only Allow One Entry Per Person Digital Inspiration Technology Blog by Amit … Read more

67 police officers, most handcuffed to be humiliated, detained in ‘parallel state’ probe in Turkey. Dispatches from Turkey…

67 police officers detained in ‘parallel state’ probe in Turkey A total of 67 people were detained as part of two investigations conducted by the anti-terror unit, one into ‘espionage’ allegations and the other into the ‘illegal wiretapping’ PM Erdoğan’s outbursts ‘hurt Turkey’s standing in the world,’ Washington says ‘We certainly believe comments like these undercut Turkey’s … Read more

Erdoğan: They (Israel) are 100 times worse than Hitler when comes to barbarity” #Gaza news roundup… “The Israeli Hacktivists’ Cyber War in Gaza…

Yes he did say that a few minutes ago… News in Turkish ilhan tanir @WashingtonPoint: “#Flash:PM Erdogan: “They curse Hitler morning, evening.You know what? They (Israel) are 100 times worse than Hitler when comes to barbarity” The Israeli Hacktivists’ Cyber War in Gaza  Mashable! by Uri Blau Late Thursday night, as Israeli tanks advanced into the Gaza strip, … Read more

Erdoğan as usual: ” Israel’s mentality ‘no different from Hitler’…

Erdoğan claims Israel’s mentality ‘no different from Hitler’ as daughter joins Istanbul protest Turkish PM Erdoğan has accused Israel of committing ‘systematic atrocity and state terror’ against the Palestinians since 1948. Erdoğan’s daughter, meanwhile, joined a protest in front of Israeli consulate in Istanbul ‘May God help Erdoğan if I’m elected’ HDP’s presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş has … Read more