Cyberculture agenda: FBI, MI5 continues to create moral panic around Encryption software…

FBI Keeps Telling Purely Theoretical Encryption Horror Stories  The Intercept by Jenna McLaughlin Federal law enforcement officials decrying the proliferation of strong encryption said Tuesday that the only reason they lack actual examples of how often it shields criminals is that they’ve done a “bad job” of collecting them. UK’s MI5 security chief warns that encryption is making … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “common data visualization mistakes… “Reddit vs. Trolls…

How Richard Stallman does his computing by Jason Kottke Richard Stallman, the free software activist and author of some of the world’s most used and useful software, probably uses his computer and the Internet a lot differently than you do. For starters, ethics and privacy concerns trump his need for convenience. EZTV Shuts Down After Hostile … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Pirate Bay’s 10th year gift… NSA by the numbers…HTTPS Hackable In 30 Seconds

The Pirate Bay launched its own PirateBrowser last week. Here?s how it works The Pirate Bay celebrated 10 years of managing to keep itself online (as much to its own surprise, as anyone else?s) on Friday, and to mark the occasion, it released a special Web browser based on Firefox that includes a bundled Tor … Read more

Hell yeah! WordPress Is 10 Years Old

WordPress Is Now 10 Years Old Ten years ago today, the first public release of WordPress became available. Initially started as a fork of the little-known blogging platform b2/Cafelog, WordPress has grown to be the largest CMS in the world, powering an astounding 18% of the web   WordPress is 10 years old today: Here?s … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Twitter’s Innovator Patent Agreement… Googe abandoning Open Standards for Instant Messaging

Twitter builds internal guidelines for handling legal battles over patents Twitter officially patented its ?pull-to-refresh? technology for streaming on its mobile app today, The Verge reports. But Twitter also has an original, internal approach to patent applications.     Twitter Launches Innovator?s Patent Agreement With patent trolls and patent wars creating a massive drag on … Read more

U.S. Financial Regulator onto Bitcoin…Megaupload vs. US Gov’t… A guide to staying anonymous online..Linkedin is 10

U.S. Financial Regulator Considering Setting Rules for Bitcoin from Mashable! by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai   U.S. Govt. Attack on Megaupload Bears Hallmarks of ?Digital Gitmo? from TorrentFreak by Robert Amsterdam Digital Gitmo, by Robert Amsterdam New Zealand is celebrated worldwide for its human rights. Renowned as being the first country in the world to grant suffrage … Read more

A seemingly awful anti-piracy system hits US internet users on Monday…

New Anti-Piracy System to Hit U.S. Internet Users on Monday from Mashable! by The Daily Dot Starting Monday, most U.S. Internet users will be subject to a new copyright enforcement system that could force them to complete educational programs, and even slow their Internet speeds to a crawl. ?Six Strikes? Anti-Piracy Scheme Starts Monday from … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: EFF suggests “Three Things Students Can Do Now to Promote Open Access…Geeks… Safer Internet Day…

Geeks Are the New Guardians of Our Civil Liberties from Mashable! by MIT Technology Review Now is a good time to re-set your Twitter password and disable Java in your browser from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin Twitter says that it was hacked and 250,000 users may have been compromised from The Next Web by … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Majestic Mega launch, The Next Five Battles For Internet Freedom, from Crowdsourcing to Microtasking…

Mega hits 100,000 registered users in one hour as Kim Dotcom teases MPAA with ?MegaMovie? screenshot from The Next Web by Alex Wilhelm Update: Mega crossed the 250,000 user mark and massive usage has brought the site to a crawl. So far, Mega has won the day. After calling Barack Obama out on Twitter, Kim … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: “Good and bad reasons to be worried about WCIT…”A Tutorial on Anonymous Email Accounts

Good and bad reasons to be worried about WCIT from …My heart’s in Accra by Ethan The World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT, pronounced ?wicket?) opened Monday in Dubai. If you?re heard about the conference, it?s likely because many articulate and smart proponents of an open internet have been waving arms and warning of the … Read more

“Google Starts Punishing ?Pirate? Sites but will it be effective? WikiLeaks Resumes Operations, meet the Virus Gauss.. A cyberculture roundup…

I never search google to download stuff. I know where I should go. I guess like porn sites, torrent people directly go to the addresses they already know. A different dynamic… Not the pirates but Google loses here… I hope… Google Starts Punishing ?Pirate? Sites In Search Results from TorrentFreak by Ernesto For years entertainment … Read more

Towards Jan 28: Anonymous targets Facebook; International Privacy Day and more. A cyberculture roundup…

Anonymous Targets Facebook For A January 28 Attack [UPDATED] from All Facebook by David Cohen Hacktivist group Anonymous may have Facebook in its cross hairs for an attack at midnight January 28, no time zone specified. This potentially makes the social network the latest victim in Anonymous? path of destruction since file-sharing service Megaupload was … Read more