“Marissa Mayer?s first 300 days as Yahoo?s CEO… A cyberculture roundup…

Turnaround: Marissa Mayer?s first 300 days as Yahoo?s CEO

Yahoo has been plagued by leadership changes among its C-level positions for years. Many of its CEOs have been struggling to find ways to either cut down on cost or innovate on products, but none appear to have been able to turn the company?s performance and reputation around. The hiring of Marissa Mayer as its CEO has helped to change the company?s momentum, leading it towards a better position, at least where investors are concerned.

EU invites NATO to boost cyber alliance

The European Union?s top justice official invited NATO on May 18 to work more closely.


100 days of hunger: Anonymous stands up for Gitmo prisoners


Over the last three days Anonymous ‘Operation Guantanamo’ hashtags and #GTMO have skyrocketed in popularity on Twitter, drawing attention to the 100th day of the inmates’ hunger strike, as their protest becomes a question of life and death


Crowdsourcing Critical Thinking to Verify Social Media During Crises

My colleagues and I at QCRI and the Masdar Institute will be launching Verily in the near future. The project has already received quite a bit of media coverage?particularly after the Boston marathon bombings. So here?s an update. While major errors were made in the crowdsourced response to the bombings, social media can help to find quickly find individuals and resources during a crisis. Moreover, time-critical crowdsourcing can also be used to verify unconfirmed reports circulating on social media.



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