Crowdsourcing Turkey’s constitution…

As I had previously mentioned, I and a group of graduate students from Bilgi U. Media Studies started a crowdsourcing project to contribute to the writing process of Turkey’s new constitution here. Using the very Wiki software, we try to give it a shot. There are several ongoing civilian projects for the new constitution. A nicely designed project that is based on WeDecide can be found here: Part of the same project is here: KONDA has a different way to collect citizen views here.

We have decided to collectively write the constitution rather than voting or commenting on individual propositions. Just another angle, let’s say…

In the mean time, like in our previous Ushahidi based project, we could not get enough mainstream media coverage. This is especially needed in this case in order to attract a larger population to contribute. Grad students are a little bit disappointed for that but I am already used to it:) Haberturk and Radikal correspondents interviewed us but editors chose not to publish the stuff. They might probably have looked at the project site and decided that was not fancy enough. What can I say? They are mostly a corrupt and unimaginative lot who depends on mainstream news patterns and sources… As usual I will keep goin’ 😉


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