Erdoğan doesn’t leave Davutoğlu much, announces to chair Cabinet meeting on Jan 19… In the mean time, Turkish Prime Ministry to increase vehicle buying by 12-fold…

Top court approves revoke of Gülen’s ‘special passport’ The leader of the Gülen movement was given the right to have a special passport, widely dubbed a ‘green passport,’ in 1990, as a retired mufti President Erdoğan announces plans to chair Cabinet meeting on Jan 19 ‘I will chair the Cabinet of Ministers on Jan. 19. The Cabinet … Read more

The 3rd Istanbul airport built on marsh area, says Turkish transport minister. İstanbul news roundup.

Flights, ferries canceled due to storm in Istanbul Strong winds and rain hit the Marmara region, causing the cancelation of flights and several ferry crossings in Istanbul We know 3rd Istanbul airport built on marsh area, says Turkish transport minister Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan said Istanbul’s third airport of is being built on a marsh area, which … Read more

3 years past. Roboski/ Uludere Massacre not forgotten.

Roboski airstrike – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia The Roboski airstrike, also known as the Uludere massacre, Sirnak massacre, orRoboski massacre took place on December 28, 2011 at 9:37 pm local time Families ask Erdoğan to keep promise to find perpetrators of Roboski massacre on 3rd anniversary Families have demanded President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to … Read more

Paramilitary provocation in Cizre, Turkey – Clashes between Kurdish youth and Islamist paramilitaries…

Media campaign against Kurdish youth is obviously a government led propaganda: Pro-AKP Troll in Twitter created a hashtag to TT: #CizredeMüslümanlarSaldırıAltında [Muslims are under attack in Cizre] At least two dead as Turkey’s Hizbullah, PKK engage in street battles At least two people were killed as fresh gunfights erupted between Hizbullah and the PKK in a southeastern province … Read more

Such Endorsement (!) Hamas leader Mashaal endorses Turkish leaders

Hamas leader Mashaal endorses Turkish leaders in surprise speech Khaled Mashaal has made a surprise appearance at an event of Turkey’s ruling party, endorsing the Turkish leaders and voicing his hope to ‘liberate Palestine and Jerusalem’ together AKP’s new election song praises Davutoğlu as ‘grandson of Ottomans’ Ironically, the original song was a praise for a bandit … Read more

Turkish Media might be free for Erdoğan as He was Heard, Read and Watched 2.5M Times in 2014. Dispatches from Turkey…

Erdoğan Heard, Read and Watched 2.5M Times in 2014 Bianet :: English In 2014, the television, press and online media coverage of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan turned out in 2,052,748 different media pieces. Whereas opposition leader Kılıçdaroğlu remained at 482,669 and PM Davutoğlu at 268,604. Prominent scholar dismayed by Erdoğan’s ‘Turkish not suitable for philosophy’ claim ‘We … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: German President says Germans ‘should welcome’ refugees

Germans ‘should welcome’ refugees  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Germany’s President uses his Christmas message to urge Germans to welcome refugees amid growing support for an anti-Islam group. Israel, Palestine and the European Union Ideas on Europe by Jon Danzig This month UCL student and blogger, Lewis Barber, wrote an article for the Jerusalem Post … Read more

Facebook continues to protect a Facebook Page that supports police brutality in Turkey

The page has been created to support Ahmet Şahbaz, a policeman who has killed Ethem Sarısülük during Occupy Gezi. A video quiet explicitly shows how Mr. Şahbaz aimed and shot Ethem Sarısülük. Many complained about the page but that’s the answer Facebook gives. The page not only supports Ahmet Şahbaz but gives support to other … Read more

Turkish schoolboy accused of insulting president is released from custody- That is how Turkey makes it to world news….

High school student arrested for ‘insulting’ Turkish president released pending trial Hurriyet Daily News A 16-year-old student arrested on charges of insulting President Erdoğan has been released pending trial Turkish schoolboy accused of insulting president is released from custody World news: Turkey | Mehmet Emin Altunses, 16, who admits making derogatory comments about Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, … Read more

Turkish government continues to pursue to block internet access without legal order… Dispatches from Turkey…

Turkish gov’t in new bid to block Internet access without legal order Hurriyet Daily News The Turkish government has been preparing to make yet another move which would add insult to injury for those who have been concerned over plight of freedom of expression in the country Prosecutor Requests Arrest of Journalist After Release  Bianet :: English … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “Algorithmic cruelty”…”Web Encryption Gets Stronger in 2014….

Algorithmic cruelty  Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow With its special end-of-year message, Facebook wants to show you, over and over, what your year “looked like”; in Eric Meyer’s case, the photo was of his daughter, who died this year: “For those of us who lived through the death of loved ones, or spent extended time in … Read more

This 16-year-old high school student arrested in Konya, Turkey for allegedly insulting Erdoğan

The Police ambushed the classroom and detained him…  News in Turkish here. Top Turkish court approves former Police Chief Hanefi Avcı’s sentence Turkey’s Supreme Court of Appeals has approved a five-year sentence for former Chief of Police Hanefi Avcı on charges of aiding the outlawed armed Revolutionary Headquarters terror organization in a case into the purported … Read more

Here is the ultimate 2014 lists collection from Erkan’s Field Diary

For the latest bookmarks check out my Diigo account Our Picks for the Best Movies of 2014 | WIRED 27 of the Most Inspiring Designs From 2014 | WIRED The Best Data Visualization Projects of 2014 The 20 games you shouldn’t miss in 2014 – Boing Boing The Most Amazing Science Images Of 2014 Orkut, … Read more

Cengiz Aktar (@AktarCengiz): Federal Kıbrıs ve düşmanları

Federal Kıbrıs ve düşmanları   Geçen hafta KKTC meclisinde bütçe görüşmelerinde Zorlu Töre âdeti üzere hamasî bir konuşma patlatır. Akabinde söz alan Doğuş Derya şöyle der: “Sürekli bir mağdur edebiyatıyla aslında savaşlarda sanki kazanan taraflar varmış gibi, bu ülkede bizden başka da insanların da acı çektiği bize unutturulmaya çalışıldı. (…) Kaybeden sadece biz olmadık. Bu … Read more

AKP hükümetine demokrasi ve hukuka dönüş çağrısı

AKP hükümetine demokrasi ve hukuka dönüş çağrısı kampanyası Darbeye Hayır Platformu  Türkiye demokrasisi için çok geç olmadan AKP hükümetini bu girdiği tehlikeli yoldan dönmeye davet ediyoruz. Geçmişte askeri darbelerle kesintiye uğrayan Türkiye demokrasisi, bugün sivil bir yönetimin idaresi altında büyük bir hızla kan kaybediyor. Kuvvetler ayrılığını, yargının bağımsızlığını, parlamento denetimini, barışçıl toplanma ve gösteri … Read more