This 16-year-old high school student arrested in Konya, Turkey for allegedly insulting Erdoğan

The Police ambushed the classroom and detained him… 
Lise öğrencisi Erdoğan'a hakaretten tutuklandı
News in Turkish here.
Turkey’s Supreme Court of Appeals has approved a five-year sentence for former Chief of Police Hanefi Avcı on charges of aiding the outlawed armed Revolutionary Headquarters terror organization in a case into the purported leftist group
The cost of digital silence in Turkey: 40 million euros

Turkey is known for attempts to control information contradicting official propaganda. However, a recent deal between the Turkish Government and a Swedish company running software to combat child porn could silence the digital opposition permanently.

Syrian families who worked as agricultural workers in Antalya were attacked by locals upon rumors of beatings
Former Trabzon police intelligence branch chief Faruk Sarı gave his testimony to Istanbul’s prosecutor as a suspect in the murder case of Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink in 2007
Homosexual individuals cannot donate blood, but can only receive it because they are in the “risky group,” the head of the Turkish Red Crescent (Kızılay) has said.
The trial into a policeman who hailed Gezi victim Berkin Elvan’s death on Facebook started Dec. 23

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