Facetime, Whatsapp… Not much encryption in Turkey’s coup games

Erdoğan initially used Facetime in last night coup attempt to talk to media. Erdogan resorts to iPhone’s FaceTime after coup attempt Aljazeera.com–10 hours ago Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s first appearance after an attempted coup came through a FaceTime app on an Apple iPhone, held . In the mean time, State news agency Anadolu Ajansı claimed that … Read more

Some unions will rally against ‘terror’, probably a futile attempt for peace but helping for more nationalist incitements…

Turkish unions, associations to hold rally against ‘terror’ A group of business associations, unions and professional chambers have decided to hold a mass rally in Ankara on Sept. 17 in a show of condemnation of “terror.” VIDEO: 130 Syrian migrants seeking seasonal work found in Aegean woods A total of 130 migrants of Syrian origin seeking seasonal … Read more

Pro-gov’t daily, Yeni Şafak’s desperate agenda-change attempts: A purported document that İnönü poisoned Atatürk…

Turkish university students demand Jedi, Buddhist temples amid mosque frenzy Thousands of Turkish students have raised their voices in online campaigns to build Jedi and Buddhist temples at their universities, after a series of mosques were constructed on their campuses by rectors who stressed “huge demand.” Boycott Call After Death of Rebuked Teacher Halil Serkan Öz Bianet … Read more

Paramilitary provocation in Cizre, Turkey – Clashes between Kurdish youth and Islamist paramilitaries…

Media campaign against Kurdish youth is obviously a government led propaganda: Pro-AKP Troll in Twitter created a hashtag to TT: #CizredeMüslümanlarSaldırıAltında [Muslims are under attack in Cizre] At least two dead as Turkey’s Hizbullah, PKK engage in street battles At least two people were killed as fresh gunfights erupted between Hizbullah and the PKK in a southeastern province … Read more

Journalist Ceyda Karan (@ceydak) targeted by pro-AKP media and political trolls #CeydaKaranYalnizDegildir

Ms. Karan has been a particular target since Gezi Park Protests. AKP circles used to like her a lot but as she gradually became critical of the government, increasing symbolic violence she had to endure. In the new wave of (obscenity included) intimidation, another female columnist Amberin Zaman was the first target (her column here). Then came … Read more

A staunchly pro-AKP columnist desires for a Pol Pot style government…

Yusuf Kaplan in an article entitled, 20 suggestions for Erdoğan, published in AKP’s Pravda, Yeni Şafak declared that: 19- Bogaziçi, Bilkent and ODTÜ, which are being the volunteer agencies of other cultures, should be ‘demolished’ and in their place pilot universities, which are similar to Ivy League universities in the U.S.A. that trace the American culture and world … Read more

Using Israel’s Gaza assault as a pretext, IHH president threatens Jewish communities in Turkey

IHH head Bülent Yıldırım tonight at a pro-government TV channel said as summed up above in pro-gov’t Yeni Şafak‘s Twitter message: “Israel’s spoiled attitude might finish Jewish communities in Turkey. Otherwise worse will happen…  Israel’s Deadly Gambits    Slate Articles by Fred Kaplan Israeli ground troops are moving into Gaza. From a purely tactical and short-term view, it makes … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: 13-year-old involved in Soma protest faces jail up to 3 years…

Prosecutors demand up to three years in jail for 13-year-old involved in Soma protest A 13-year-old faces between six months and three years in jail for participating in a protest in the Aegean province of İzmir on May 17. US condemns ?apparent use of unprovoked violence? in Soma videos Washington has condemned the use of ‘unprovoked violence’ … Read more

Pro-AKP Yeni Şafak decides to defend Boko Haram by insisting on “understanding deep cultural/social/political factors…

Since Islamists cannot be terrorists, according to Yeni Şafakian logic, imperialist games are behind all this chaos in Nigeria… Against poor Muslim Northern Nigearia… rich Southern Nigeria… This little piece in Turkish…  Piotr Zalewski ?@p_zalewski  7h Yeni Safak in fine form: the West’s chaos lobby is using Boko Haram attacks as excuse to intervene in Nigeria http://yenisafak.com.tr/dunya-haber/yuz-kizartici-senaryo-09.05.2014-644165 ?… … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Journalist (@murataksoy) from pro-government daily fired over TV comments…

Journalist from pro-government daily fired over TV comments Daily Yeni Şafak’s columnist and interviewer Murat Aksoy was sacked after daring to criticize the government’s handling of the graft scandal on TV The new draft bill on internet will deepen the internet censorship,? advocate Koç told biane   Vimeo Banned in Turkey   Vimeo, one of … Read more

Cengiz Aktar: Yeni elitin beton Türkiyesi

 Yeni elitin beton Türkiyesi              Türk ulusu, Osmanlı?nın son dönemi ile Cumhuriyet?in kuruluş aşamasının devasa sorunlarıyla malûl bir tahayyül üzerine bina edilmişti. Ana hedef devleti kurtarmak ve bunu bir ulus yaratarak gerçekleştirmekti. Formül kabaca şuydu: bir yanda Müslümanlık temelinde var edilen ancak bu kimliğinden yasaklı bir topluluk, diğer yanda Sünnî İslâm?dan farklı kimliklerin, türdeşleştirme hedefi … Read more

Best of Turkish media. Yeni Şafak daily in Noam Chomsky interview fabricates parts and also uses Google Translate for translation:)

via @cigdemmater Chomsky accuses Turkish daily of fabricating parts of interview Accusing Yeni Şafak, Chomsky published the original version to back up his claims Turkish daily admits to making up parts of Chomsky interview, releases alleged text Turkish daily Yeni Şafak released a statement Aug. 31 following controversy surrounding reporter Burcu Bulut?s interview with Noam … Read more

Sinan Kızılkaya: Baydemir’in itibarı

Baydemir?in İtibarı Bugün Yeni Şafak ve Zaman gazetelerinde yer alan polis kaynaklı bir haber Türkiye?nin sağ basınının nasıl bir basiret tıkanmasına uğradığını gözler önüne seriyor. KCK meselesi üzerinde şu anda yürüyen mahkemenin meşru ve mecburi olduğu yönünde bir haber politikası etrafında yapılan işin ne anlama geldiği aslında çok açık. Baydemir?in itibarını düşürmek. Bölgede ikili bir … Read more

Fehmi Koru may be the first victim of Cablegate in Turkey. And another Wikileaks roundup

Well-known Turkish columnist Fehmi Koru allegedly got in touch with the American diplomat Mr. Edelman to help firing İbrahim Karagülle, Yeni Şafak’s world news columnist. Mr. Koru today refuses the allegations and claims that Edelman’s man swore at him instead. However, Mr. Koru lost his position at Yeni Şafak after the emergence of allegations. Mr. … Read more