Today’s political meme in Turkey: Erdoğan posing in his Palace with 16 ancient Turkish soldier cosplays

This photo is real. Palestinian Leaders Abbas meets with Erdoğan today… Abbas welcomed at Turkish presidential palace by Erdoğan – and 16 warriors World news: Turkey | Grand ceremony for Palestinian president held at new palace, with warriors representing empires of Turkey’s history Here is the video — Muhteşem Satrayni (@satrayni) January … Read more

Erdoğan doesn’t leave Davutoğlu much, announces to chair Cabinet meeting on Jan 19… In the mean time, Turkish Prime Ministry to increase vehicle buying by 12-fold…

Top court approves revoke of Gülen’s ‘special passport’ The leader of the Gülen movement was given the right to have a special passport, widely dubbed a ‘green passport,’ in 1990, as a retired mufti President Erdoğan announces plans to chair Cabinet meeting on Jan 19 ‘I will chair the Cabinet of Ministers on Jan. 19. The Cabinet … Read more

3 years past. Roboski/ Uludere Massacre not forgotten.

Roboski airstrike – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia The Roboski airstrike, also known as the Uludere massacre, Sirnak massacre, orRoboski massacre took place on December 28, 2011 at 9:37 pm local time Families ask Erdoğan to keep promise to find perpetrators of Roboski massacre on 3rd anniversary Families have demanded President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to … Read more

Turkish Media might be free for Erdoğan as He was Heard, Read and Watched 2.5M Times in 2014. Dispatches from Turkey…

Erdoğan Heard, Read and Watched 2.5M Times in 2014 Bianet :: English In 2014, the television, press and online media coverage of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan turned out in 2,052,748 different media pieces. Whereas opposition leader Kılıçdaroğlu remained at 482,669 and PM Davutoğlu at 268,604. Prominent scholar dismayed by Erdoğan’s ‘Turkish not suitable for philosophy’ claim ‘We … Read more

As a group of Bilgi faculty members, We salute Çarşı fan group. #CarsıYanlızDeğildir

Protests mark beginning of coup-plot case against Turkish fan group çArşı A trial against 35 individuals associated with Beşiktaş’s football fan group çArşı on charges of “attempting to overthrow the government” during last year’s Gezi Park protests has started at Istanbul’s Çağlayan Courthouse.

Fethullah Gülen ad in US papers condemns ISIS while Erdoğan slams New York Times over ISIL story…

Gulen Ad | ISIS Cruelty Deserves Our Strongest Condemnation  Mavi Boncuk Mavi Boncuk | ISIS Cruelty Deserves Our Strongest Condemnation Turkish President Erdoğan slams New York Times over ISIL story President Erdoğan has slammed the New York Times for a recent story claiming that Turkey is one of the biggest sources of recruits for ISIL militants   Erdoğan holds … Read more

As Dortmund fans give support to Beşiktaş group, Çarşı, Turkish judiciary makes history by claiming a fan group being coup plotter…

Never give up, Dortmund fans tell Beşiktaş group under fire Fans of Germany’s Borussia Dortmund football team lend support to Çarşı, the fan group of Beşiktaş whose pioneer figures are now facing ‘coup attempt’ claims çArşı to Stand Trial on December 16 Bianet :: English Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court ordered members of soccer fan group … Read more

The grudge continues: Another provocation in a Beşiktaş Game.

While, Police intervene in group commemorating killed proterters in Gezi Park, A Kasımpaşaspor fan in guise of being a BJK fan, entered the pitch and attacked a Beşiktaş player… Kasımpaşa is close to Taksim and known to be PM Tayyip Erdoğan’s negihbourhood. The club is owned by a group of businessmen whose wealth increased rapidly during AKP … Read more

Newly founded pro-government BJK fan group attacks other fans, provokes stadium riots… #CarsininYanindayiz

Istanbul derby game suspended after supporters invade the field Hundreds of Beşiktaş supporters invaded the field during the derby game against Galatasaray An in-depth from the field observation in Turkish here. Interestingly, Turkish police sheepy here… Another one… It is now highly believed that – according to eye witnesses and friends from Çarşı, who stays at … Read more

R.I.P Ahmet Erhan, the iconic poet who said ?I haven?t died today either, mum,? A Social fabric roundup

Ahmet Erhan, the iconic poet who said ?I haven?t died today either, mum,? passes away Ahmet Erhan was the voice of the lost generation of the 80s ************* Turkish Football Federation chief says league games should be played in daytime Turkish Football Federation (TFF) chairman Yıldırım Demirören has said league games should only be played … Read more

An infographic: 10 days of resistance. A video: Istanbul uprising. And a roundup. #OccupyTurkey

    inforgraphic source: An energy drink, rather than the opium of the people It is difficult to imagine fiercer football rivalries than the ones between ?The Big Three? of Istanbul ? Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş. The clashes between their supporters ? often violent, always noisy ? are legendary. Yet many of the (mainly foreign) media … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Excessive Pepper Gas usage… RedHack not a ‘terrorist group,’ prosecutors rule…

Police, Beşiktaş fans clash before last game and victory in historic Istanbul stadium Fans of Istanbul’s Beşiktaş football team and police clashed only hours before the last gameat the to-be-demolished İnönü Stadium. BIA Media Monitoring 2012 / Full Text from Bianet :: English Murdered journalists, imprisoned journalists, releases, attacks, threats, obstructions, investigations and trials; defamation … Read more

Beşiktaş fans’ farewell to iconic İnönü Stadium tonight…

Beşiktaş bids farewell to iconic İnönü Stadium Hurriyet Daily News-May 10, 2013Share Beşiktaş will bid farewell to its historic İnönü Stadium with a game against Gençlerbirliği on May 11. The iconic stadium is known for its electric via @Sen_Ben_Yok via @YuruGunese Akşam daily has a series of İnönü Stadium’s historical photos…  

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