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EU Referendum 2016

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LONDON — Twitter has a brand new emoji, but it’s not what you think.

The EU referendum matters for Global Justice Now. Here’s why.

We spend our time fighting against EU policies. But now, we’re campaigning to stay in.

Global Justice Now (GJN) on the Eurostar to campaign against TTIP – image, GJN

Having played cat and mouse with Greece over its debt crisis, the good cop and bad cop over Ukraine’s crisis, and having ignited and then steered the refugee crisis, Berlin realises it has no control on the other big geopolitical risk on its doorstep: the Brexit referendum.
According to preliminary results the Social Democrats have won local elections in several cities in Romania. The party was shaken by a corruption scandal last year, with many of its politicians having to testify in court. Has the fight against corruption failed?

Social Democrats win Romanian local elections

Romania’s leftist Social Democrats (PSD) won most votes in countrywide local elections yesterday (5 June), according to an exit poll, putting them in a strong position before a parliamentary election later this year.

When Matt Hanley, Josh Posaner and I started to wonder about what the Brits in Berlin thought about Brexit we could not have quite imagined how much interest there would be in this issue. We’ve managed to build a super network of people, organised half a dozen events, built a website about voter registration, and ended up with a quantity and quality of press coverage about the issue that I could never have imagined. Here is a quick summary of the coverage so far!

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