Cyberculture agenda: “Emoji Diplomacy..

Emoji Diplomacy – a new diplomatic sign language Twiplomacy Emojis are more than a series of smileys and other funny faces abundantly used by teenagers on social networks. These tiny, little pictograms offer an entirely new, more visual way to express complex concepts and are used more and more often by world leaders and diplomats on … Read more

Before the Nov 1 election, Ruling AKP plays its last cards: Confiscates opposition media entities #MedyaDokunma, Extrajudicial killings and possibly committing many other crimes we are not aware of…

Trustee Appointed to Koza Holding Bianet :: English Koza İpek Holding including Channel Kanaltürk, Bugün daily and other 22 corporations, has been appointed a trustee. 5 Websites Blocked in a Day Bianet :: English Presidency of Telecommunication blocked access to five news websites in a day. Turkish woman shot during police operation dies at hospital A Turkish woman … Read more

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