Istanbul war zone: Radiohead fans, LGBTI activists attacked, Erdoğan vows to destroy Gezi Park…

Erdoğan vows to ‘rebuild’ Ottoman military barracks in Istanbul’s Gezi Park Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has vowed to reconstruct the historic Taksim military barracks in Istanbul’s Gezi Park, a project that sparked country-wide anti-government protests in 2013 Police use teargas against LGBT activists in Istanbul World news: Turkey | by Associated Press in Istanbul Dozens … Read more

New Turkey: Main opposition leader threatened with bullet… MPs’ immunity lifted…

Kılıçdaroğlu Threatened with Bullet  Bianet :: English One person threw bullet at CHP Leader Kılıçdaroğlu at the funeral of the two police officers who lost their lives in the bomb attack launched in Vezneciler. Main opposition head Kılıçdaroğlu faces protests at police officers’ funeral in Istanbul Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) chair Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu was protested … Read more

Re-conquering Istanbul with residential housing projects, malls… Istanbul news roundup…

Istanbul to mark Ottoman conquest of city with grand ceremony Istanbul is set to mark the Ottoman conquest of Istanbul on its 563rd anniversary with a major event created by a grand team of 1,200, as expectations rise for the event, which is expected to attract 1 million spectators Istanbul marks 1453 Ottoman conquest of Istanbul with … Read more

Against the flow- “Erdoğan slams US over YPG support

Turkish fury at US commando photos  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Turkey calls the US “two-faced” over images appearing to show US commandos in northern Syria wearing Kurdish militia insignia Turkish President Erdoğan slams US over YPG support Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has criticized the United States after photos of U.S. special operations forces … Read more

In UN’s show-off humanitarian summit in Istanbul, Rights Organizations Not Invited…

Rights Organizations Not Invited to World Humanitarian Summit  Bianet :: English Leading human rights organizations in Turkey such as TİHV, İHD and HYD have not been invited to the World Humanitarian Summit organized by UN. The organizations criticize the summit being held in Turkey where human rights violations are common. UN receives criticism in humanitarian summit in … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “The Intercept begins publishing Snowden doc

How We Prepared the NSA’s Sensitive Internal Reports for Release  The Intercept The 166 articles we’re releasing today from an internal NSA publication,SIDtoday, were subjected to a careful process of research, editorial evaluation, legal review, reporting, redaction, and digital processing. This article explains how that process worked. The Intercept begins publishing Snowden docs Boing Boing by Cory … Read more

Peace bloc widens as more local and international support emerge for academicians…

Support for Academics from Paris  Bianet :: English In the conference where Etienne Balibar, Christian Laval and Vincent Duclert have taken place as speakers, importance of international support, in particular from France has been emphasized. Academics Overseas Support Signatory Academics  Bianet :: English 212 academics of whom 72 are professors have declared their support for their colleagues … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: High expectations for Paris Climate Conference while French police fire teargas to disperse climate protest #ClimateMarch

MAIN FOCUS: High expectations for Paris Climate Conference | 27/11/2015 euro|topics The UN Climate Change Conference begins in Paris on Monday. Given that more than 170 states have already tabled their climate protection objectives, some commentators are already calling the summit a success. Others criticise that agricultural reform and sweeping global investment in new energies are … Read more

Turkey vs. Russia. “The Turkish army releases audio of warnings to downed Russian plane WHILE “Navigator of Downed Russian Plane Says There Was No Warning

As rhetorical fury rises over jet incident, how will Putin respond? World news: Turkey | by Shaun Walker in Moscow Announcements made by Moscow include banning of some Turkish poultry imports – hardly a suggestion of bellicose intent The Turkish embassy in Moscow was pelted with eggs, stones and paint. Viewers of state television heard … Read more

:) New attack infects Macs in seconds – Cyberculture agenda:

New attack infects Macs in seconds, even without internet The Next Web by Abhimanyu Ghoshal Apple computers have always been touted as more secure than other PCs because their firmware couldn’t be penetrated. Unfortunately, that’s no longer true, as a newly created self-replicating worm has shown. Games, chat and personalized content: Ray Chan on the future of … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: biggest-ever Eurovision…”Juncker greets Orbán with ‘Hello dictator!”…

Stage set for biggest-ever Eurovision  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Sweden, Russia and Italy are among the favourites to win the 60th annual Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place in Vienna later. Juncker greets Orbán with ‘Hello dictator!” European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker teased Hungarian Premier Viktor Orbán over his strongman reputation Friday, jokingly … Read more

First Legal Challenge to Twitter ban… A Turkey news roundup…

via    Turkey’s Ban On Twitter Faces First Legal Challenges  Mashable! by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai A press organization and two experts in Internet law filed two challenges against Turkey’s Twitter ban on Monday.   Meltem Arıkan @MeltemArikan Youngstrs in Ankara are literally posting their tweets on to the streets#TweetterisblockedinTurkey Turkey Heightens Twitter Censorship with Mandated IP Blocking Slashdot The … Read more

FP blog shows “Who to Watch in Congress This Week on Syria.. Syria updates…

Who to Watch in Congress This Week on Syria As of Monday morning, the majority of U.S. legislators still have yet to announce theirposition on whether they’ll vote to authorize the use of military force against Syria. They’re running out of time to come to a decision, though; the resolution passed out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last … Read more

Here’s how Europe’s new tyrant’s police forces attacked an handicapped citizen this evening. #OccupyTurkey

Turkey’s investment grade cheers turn to tears By Carolyn Cohn LONDON, June 11 (Reuters) – The transformation of Turkey in less than a month from newly-minted investment grade darling to market struggler has again put the role of ratings agencies under scrutiny. Turkey won a coveted second investment grade rating from Moody’s in mid-May, a … Read more