Before the Nov 1 election, Ruling AKP plays its last cards: Confiscates opposition media entities #MedyaDokunma, Extrajudicial killings and possibly committing many other crimes we are not aware of…

Koza İpek Holding including Channel Kanaltürk, Bugün daily and other 22 corporations, has been appointed a trustee.

5 Websites Blocked in a Day

Presidency of Telecommunication blocked access to five news websites in a day.
A Turkish woman who was shot and heavily wounded during a police operation last week in Istanbul died in hospital on Oct. 25
Murat Seçkin, who used to work as editor for Star daily at the time of Gezi resistance has explained the moment he saw the interview as to the Kabataş incident.
Journalist and human rights defender Ragıp Zarakolu has been charged with “being a correspondent” for the interview he gave to Roj TV.
Supreme Court of Appeals has reversed a sentence handed down to pianist Fazıl Say on ground of blasphemy, stating his posts should be regarded within the concept of freedom of expression.
We have asked Murat Seçkin following his article about Elif Çakır’s responses via Twitter, why he waited till now to explain his witnessing, and when and why he left pro-government Star daily.
The Nov. 1 snap election is the key to getting Turkey out of the instability and insecurity it was dragged into after the June 7 election, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has argued
The results of the Nov. 1 snap election in 39 constituencies across the country will play a decisive role as to whether the country will witness a single-party or minority government after the Nov. 1 elections, according to a comprehensive review by the Istanbul-based Association of Democracy Auditors
Several people injured in scuffles that broke out in front of Turkish embassy in Tokyo during early voting.
The youth branches of CHP and HDP, along with members of the Thought Clubs Federation (FKF) and the Student Collectives and Youth Opposition, gathered at the Ankara train station on Oct. 26 to protest the deadly twin blasts which rocked the capital more than two weeks ago.
The number of Turkish citizens who cast their votes at Turkey’s missions abroad and at boarder gates for the Nov. 1 elections up until Oct. 25 increased by more than 230,000 people in comparison to the June 7 elections.
Turkey’s top police intel chief and two former police intel unit heads may face up to 25 years in prison each in the investigation launched into the murder of prominent Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink.

VIDEO: Turkey president’s hope for legacy

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is hoping the party he founded, the AKP, will win back the majority it lost in June.

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