Cyberculture agenda: “Towards Digital Constitutionalism?… “Head of Facebook in Europe to be investigated in Germany for allowing racist posts

Facebook’s relationship with the content its users post and the balancing act it needs to pull off to allow free speech (but remove hate speech) is a tricky one. Today, it’s in hot water with German prosecutors, who say they’re going to investigate the company’s European head, Martin Ott. According to De Spiegel, Ott is the fourth executive at the company to be investigated over the issue of racist comments being allowed to remain on the site. A spokesperson for the company told TNW: “Facebook is not commenting on the status of a possible investigation but we can say that…


The idea of an “Internet Bill of Rights” is by no means a new one: in fact, serious efforts to draft such a document can be traced at least as far back as the mid-1990s. Though the form, function and scope of such initiatives has evolved, the concept has had remarkable staying power, and now—two full decades later—principles which were once radically aspirational have begun to crystallize into law. In this paper, we propose a unified term to describe these efforts using the umbrella of “digital constitutionalism” and conduct an analysis of thirty initiatives spanning from 1999 to 2015.

Court Says Tracking Web Histories Can Violate Wiretap Act

Court Says Tracking Web Histories Can Violate Wiretap Act

A ruling from a court of appeals indirectly notes that web history isn’t just metadata, and warrantlessly tracking it could violate the Wiretap Act.

The Cold War Between a Tech Giant and a Tech Journalist

Updated | When Kara Swisher talks tech, Silicon Valley listens—and eventually talks. But tech giant Yahoo has frozen out Swisher, the executive editor for the tech blog Re/Code, for years.


TensorFlow, Google’s Open Source AI, Signals Big Changes in Hardware Too

By freely sharing its powerful AI engine, Google showed how the world of computer software is changing. So is the hardware that underpins it.

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