Very few of the 11.8 million Syrians who have fled their homes during the current conflict are now in Europe.

Why EU guidelines on Israeli settlements are welcome

EU guidelines on the “indication of origin of goods from the territories occupied by Israel since June 1967” are a long overdue step forward, writes MEP Alyn Smith.

Sweden brings in migrant border checks

Sweden brings in temporary border checks to control the flow of migrants into the country, as an EU-Africa summit continues.

Germany wants to send more Syrian refugees back to other EU countries, an idea supported by many in the CDU, but heavily criticised by the SPD.


Never underestimate how seriously the French take their wine

EU to label Israeli settlement goods

The European Commission issues guidelines for the labelling of some products made in Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian and Syrian land

Migrants drown as EU leaders meet

Fourteen migrants drown in the latest boat sinking as EU and African leaders gather in Malta to discuss measures to stem the flow of people into Europe.

‘Brexit’: Should the UK leave the EU or not?

Al Jazeera takes to the streets of London to ask people how they feel about the possibility of Britain leaving the EU.
Government says measure is to direct flow of refugees, rather than reduce numbers, adding that border will stay open.

Spain challenges Catalan secession bid

The Spanish prime minister says he will fight in the country’s top court a motion passed in the Catalan parliament backing independence.

David Cameron presented on Tuesday in London the reforms that he proposes asconditions for the UK remaining in the EU. The EU must not let the British prime minister dictate the rules, some commentators argue. Others see the proposals as a good way out of the Union’s never-ending crisis.

The Prague Café: a brief incursion into Czech presidential discourse

What is the ‘Prague Café’, and why has it become the Czech President’s insult of choice for his opponents?

A cappuccino in a Prague cafe. Wikimedia/Jazzbobrown. Some rights reserved.Czech president Milos Zeman is currently halfway through his first presidential term and it has become more than obvious that his divisive election campaign was not just a calculated move to secure victory, but an enduring political tactic.

Romanian president nominates technocrat as new PM

If approved by parliament, ex-EU agriculture commissioner Dacian Ciolos will run the country until elections next year.

The EU and its neighbours: enforcing the politics of inhospitality

Today marks the start of the two-day Valletta Euro-African summit on migration in Malta, but the outcomes of deterrence, surveillance and militarisation are already written.

Migrants on Lesbos wait for permission to enter Europe. August, 2015 (Björn Kietzmann/Demotix)


His Europe

Mein Europa‘Mein Europa’ – ‘My Europe’ – the book published byHelmut Schmidt only two years ago, was not a new monograph, but a collection of different publications and speeches on European integration. It spans a lifetime – from his very first article about cooperation in a not yet existing community dating from June 1948 to his editorials about the crisis-ridden Union of the 21st century published in Die Zeit.

The abandoned buildings of the Eastern bloc

Exploring the abandoned buildings of the Eastern bloc
Swedish far-right reaps benefits of migrant crisis

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