#Europe agenda: “US alt-right joins Russia in anti-Macron attack [in French Elections]

US alt-right joins Russia in anti-Macron attack

Right-wing US and UK social media users have tried to start an online “war” to stop Macron being elected, but with little success.

Populism: The French election’s big winner

How outsider candidates threw the traditional left-right battle into disarray.
At a rally of some 12,000 people in Paris yesterday (1 May), the presidential frontrunner confirmed his anti-National Front stance, denounced the illiberal regimes in Hungary, Poland and Russia and promised a new approach to CETA. EURACTIV France reports.

Where they stand on key issues

The BBC’s Laurence Peter examines what really divides election rivals Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

Rome, Athens look to Macron to help douse anti-EU fires

The Italian and Greek governments are counting on France’s likely next president Emmanuel Macron to help them see off populist parties that blame European Union-enforced austerity and open immigration policies for economic and social ills.

Who Is Marine Le Pen?

Marine Le Pen almost certainly will not become president of France next month. But, simply by reaching the election’s second round, she has transformed the face and psyche of France for a long time to come.

Emmanuel Macron is receiving many pledges of support ahead of the runoff. The leaders of the Socialists and the conservatives as well as President Hollande and the EU leaders are calling on the French to rally behind Macron and not elect the right-wing extremist Marine Le Pen. Le Pen will exploit this joining of forces against her, commentators warn, and discuss the expectations heaped on Macron.
Marine Le Pen says she will be above “partisan considerations” as she seeks the French presidency.

French election poll tracker

On 7 May, French voters will decide whether centrist Emmanuel Macron or far-right Marine Le Pen will be president.

French election: Five things we have learned

A left in ruins and a political mainstream in the cold, the French vote has produced some fascinating facts.

Macron and Le Pen: Finalists in a historic French election

Open Europe’s Aarti Shankar analyses the fallout from the first round of the French presidential elections.

President says Emmanuel Macron will “defend the values which will bring French people together”.

France’s election reveals a new political divide

The French Election Is Way Too Close To Call

The first part of one of the most topsy-turvy presidential elections in modern French history will come to a head on Sunday. That’s when voters in France head to the polls for the first round of voting. The top two finishers will proceed to a runoff election unless the top vote-getter receives more than 50 percent of the vote, in which case he or she wins outright. But if the polls are to be believed, that’s not going to happen. Instead, candidates representing the far right, far left, center and center-right all have a shot at securing one of the two spots in the runoff on May 7.

In a Paris suburb, apathy and fear of Le Pen

Many in Sevran disillusioned with French political class but prepared to mobilise should Le Pen reach the run-off.

French voters bombarded with fake news days before election

The first round of the 2017 French presidential election will be held next Sunday, on April 23. The French election is seen as one of Europe’s three pivotal elections this year that will determine the continent’s future. Europe has already dodged one bullet, when the flagrantly racist Geert Wilders didn’t win the Dutch elections. However, automated accounts are currently bombarding French voters on social media with fake news and misinformation, so Europe isn’t out of the woods yet.

Why the French elections are more important than Brexit

Young people are losing their trust in politics. While they tend to be overwhelmingly pro-European, many are seduced by the discourse of the extreme right or left of French politics.

French election 2017: The main candidates

The election takes place on 23 April. Here’s a look at the five main candidates.

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