Eurosphere agenda: Pirate Party asked to try to form government in Iceland…

Iceland’s Pirate Party is asked by the president to try to form a new government, after snap elections.
In a surprise move Francois Hollande says he will not stand for a second term as French president.
The female imam fighting extremism and Islamophobia

Sherin Khankan set up the first female run mosque in Scandinavia, using it to battle both extremism and Islamophobia
More jihadi attacks likely in Europe, Europol says

The European joint police agency said that the group had shifted focus to so-called soft targets, because indiscriminate attacks on ordinary people have shown most successful in terrorising public opinion.
The French president announced on Thursday that he will not seek a second term next year. His prime minister Valls is likely to run against other unexpected candidates.
The UK’s ruling Conservatives have lost a seat in London dubbed the ‘Brexit by-election’, seeing the pro-EU Liberal Democrats overturn a 23,000 majority.
The European Parliament on Thursday (1 December) adopted spending by the European Union of nearly €158 billion for 2017, including a hefty increase to tackle the migration crisis and terrorism.
The seeds of post-Brexit racial violence lie in government policy

Racist attacks are condemned by politicians who stop short of examining their complicity. New research suggests policy ignites hatred.

“In the UK illegally?”, “Go home or face Arrest” went the slogans on the government’s Operation Vaken mobile ad-vans in July 2013. “Go back” out of “our country” echoed the abuse following the summer’s referendum.

Austrians ponder shift to far right

Austrian voters will on Sunday decide whether to stay in the EU centre, or lurch to the radical right, with Hofer slightly ahead in polls ahead of the presidential election.
Austria’s most infamous son, Adolf Hitler, is rarely mentioned in his home country. So it came as a shock to many when presidential candidate Alexander Van der Bellen reached into a folder during a recent live TV debate and produced a photo montage including two images of the Führer.

Debate: How should Bulgaria deal with refugees?

Refugees clashed last week with police at Bulgaria’s largest refugee camp in Harmanli, a town on the border with Turkey. Around 1,000 young men rebelled against restrictions on leaving the camp, throwing stones and erecting burning barricades. Bulgarian observers blame the EU for putting the country in an absurd situation.
After years of conflict, Berlin and Brussels have reached an agreement on revised plans for an autobahn toll: German motorists with particularly environmentally friendly cars can expect significant tax savings, while foreigners will have to pay according to use. The draft law must now be voted on by the Bundestag – and commentators have their doubts about whether it will pass.
François Hollande has announced that he will not stand for re-election as French president next spring. In a televised speech on Thursday evening the Socialist acknowledged that his running for office again could pose a risk for his party. A courageous decision that renews his credibility, some commentators stress. Others see the move as a clear admission of defeat.
Fear of globalisation is the driving force behind right-wing populism while traditional values play less of a role, a recent survey carried out by the Bertelsmann Foundation shows. In view of the rising popularity of right-wing demagogues in many European countries and in the US, commentators discuss how to counter right-wing populism.

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