Eurosphere agenda: Geert Wilders found guilty of hate speech…

When two journalists published the book ‘A President Shouldn’t Say That’ which quotes François Hollande disparaging judges, insulting footballers and revealing state secrets, Prime Minister Manuel Valls could not hide his “shame” and “anger”.
Geert Wilders hits back at guilty verdict

A court in the Netherlands finds Geert Wilders guilty of inciting discrimination, but gives no punishment.
The ‘extraordinary’ case of Geert Wilders

Anna Holligan reports on Geert Wilders’ hate speech and what his conviction means for politics.
Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is convicted in hate speech trial but no penalty is imposed.
Young voters and people in southern Italy in particular voted against Renzi’s constitutional reforms. Some commentators say the Italians have missed a crucial opportunity. Others blame Renzi’s excessive egotism for Italy’s current predicament.
The Eurozone finance ministers agreed on Monday to certain measures that will give Greece a little more time to repay its debts. At the same time they insisted that Athens must negotiate further austerity measures. This latest agreement is only seemingly good news for the country, commentators conclude.
The Romanians will vote for a new parliament under a revised electoral law on Sunday. Commentators hope that the people will be guided by their common sense despite a vacuous election campaign dominated by nationalist themes.
A quarter of a century after the summit in the Dutch town of Maastricht that gave birth to the euro, the EU will mark the anniversary today (9 December) with little fanfare as it battles a wave of crises.

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