“Macron, the Fifth Republic’s unusual eighth president” as once Globalizationists have a good news.

Macron, the Fifth Republic’s unusual eighth president EurActiv.com by Aline Robert Just one year after making his big political gamble, Emmanuel Macron was elected president of France with more than 65% of the vote on Sunday (7 May). EURACTIV France reports. [Investigation] Lessons for Germany from the Macron hack EUobserver.com – Headline News The way the Macron … Read more

#Europe agenda: “US alt-right joins Russia in anti-Macron attack [in French Elections]

US alt-right joins Russia in anti-Macron attack EUobserver.com – Headline News Right-wing US and UK social media users have tried to start an online “war” to stop Macron being elected, but with little success. Populism: The French election’s big winner AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) How outsider candidates threw the traditional left-right battle into disarray. Macron pushes republican … Read more

#Europe agenda: “Macron and Le Pen ‘through to run-off’ in French elections…

France elections: Macron and Le Pen ‘through to run-off’  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Projections see centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen facing off on 7 May. Who are Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron?  AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) The far-right female National Front leader will go head-to-head with the 39-year-old … Read more

#Europe agenda: the French presidential election roundup….

All you need to know BBC News | Europe | World Edition A quick guide to the French presidential election – said to be the least predictable in decades. Will France’s next president be innovative? EurActiv.com by Stephen Boucher France’s election is a test-bed for democratic renewal. However, without a more coherent understanding of how to be … Read more