Martin Schulz is known in Germany mainly as a European politician and an ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel. But later this year they will face off in the country’s leadership race.
Trump will be a gift to Europe’s lost unity

The presidency of Donald J. Trump is going to be a gift to Europe’s troubled and divided policymakers, even though it comes in a package labelled ‘Handle with Care’ and ‘Danger’, writes Giles Merritt.
Transparency International said the crackdown on civil society in Croatia and Hungary “under the guise of a nationalist, ‘illiberal’ agenda” represented the new face of corruption in Europe.

Worried About Its Future, This Former East German City Recruited Syrian Refugees


Golzow mayor Frank Schütz, left, leans over to whisper a question to Rasha Haimoud during a holiday concert. She and her husband, Ahmad Haimoud, are refugees who settled in the small former East German town after escaping the war in their native Syria. Credit: Shane McMillan. Used with permission.

Left-winger Benoit Hamon the leader in the race to be the Socialist presidential candidate.

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