“Macron, the Fifth Republic’s unusual eighth president” as once Globalizationists have a good news.

Just one year after making his big political gamble, Emmanuel Macron was elected president of France with more than 65% of the vote on Sunday (7 May). EURACTIV France reports.
The way the Macron team defended itself against hackers contained lessons for other political parties in Europe, but experts do not agree whether Russia did it.
A fly on the wall documentary showing Emmanuel Macron during his election victory has been aired.
The Intercept – Robert Mackey – May 6

Here’s some news for the alt-right activists in the United States behind a disinformation campaign aimed at getting Marine Le Pen elected president of France by spreading rumors about her opponent, Emmanuel Macron: The French do not much like

BuzzFeed – May 6

Ooh, la la. So, it happened to you, too. The frontrunning presidential candidate got hacked, all his emails are dumped online in one giant cache. WikiLeaks is tweeting about it. There is a hashtag. 4chan’s /pol/ is all over it. Screenshots

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